With years of experience, Creative Biolabs specializes in the development and implementation of cell-based assays for high throughput screening. We provide high content screening (HCS) service to support your drug discovery process.

High content screening (HCS) or automated microscope-based screening measures biological activity in cells or whole organisms following treatment with tested agents in multi-well plates. High content screening includes various methods used to analyze whole cells or components of cells. Typically, multiple features of the cell or organism are measured with one or more fluorescent dyes, which leading to simultaneous readout of several parameters.

High Content Screening

HCS can be used in all aspects of drug discovery from target validation throughout the hit identification cascade as an engine for driving lead discovery. Cell shape changes and toxicology can be observed through the fluorescent signal in this screening process. Phenotypic changes may include increases or decreases in the production of cellular products such as proteins and/or changes in the morphology (visual appearance) of the cell. HCS enables an insight of cellular phenomena caused by hits during the process of drug screening.

We provide several categories of HCS to aid drug discovery, including dual reporter assays, nuclear translocation, cytosol to plasma membrane translocation, genotoxicity screening, and morphology measurements like cell shape, morphology, and target distribution changes. The comprehensive HCS platform can be used in various areas, such as primary screening, secondary screening, toxicology testing, and may other functional assays such as mode of action (MOA) determination.

We provide assay development, screening, and data analysis/mining expertise and services for high content screens, where the readout is based on images obtained by our patent high throughput microscopy system. Our HCS team offers expertise in all aspects of high content image-based screens, including sample preparation, image acquisition, image analysis, image data management, and algorithm development. Our extensive experience in high throughput screening, in-house image analysis, algorithm design, and disease biology allow us to make the right selection of cell types and assay parameters before initiating HCS. Through the use of fluorescent tags with different absorption and emission maxima, it is possible to measure several different cell components in parallel. Furthermore, our imaging is able to detect changes at a subcellular level (e.g., cytoplasm vs. nucleus vs. other organelles).

Based on our expertise, Creative Biolabs has performed many high content screens. Our projects range from the screening of hundreds of compounds to libraries of over 300,000 compounds. Several optimized assays have been developed in a multitude of cellular backgrounds for drug discovery.

We provide several platforms and services to support your drug discovery process. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly sent us an inquiry.

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