Creative Biolabs now offers a comprehensive range of in vivo pharmacokinetic (PK) investigative studies and screening studies that includes quick turnaround PK screening for lead optimization or formulation evaluation, which could be conducted in rodents and non-rodents, such as mice, rats, rabbits and non-human primates (NHPs). Our scientists go all out to provide well-designed PK studies with reliable data to formulate the most efficient and cost-effective proposal for your preclinical studies.

Investigative or Screening Studies

Successful drug discovery depends on the selection of drug candidates with appropriate preclinical efficacy and safety profiles, as well as good in vivo PK properties. A thorough investigation of the pharmacokinetics in preclinical species will provide much significant information for the prediction of PK in human bodies, as well as for the prediction of a sensible and safe dosage prior to first-in-human clinical trials. In vivo PK investigative or screening studies contribute to the selection of lead compounds with desired bioavailability profiles for further investigation during drug development. In general, in vivo PK investigative or screening studies can provide a more human-relevant figure of how a drug is likely to behave in the human body, and what dose levels should be considered for clinical trials.

Investigative or Screening Studies


In vivo PK investigative and screening studies requires rapid cycle times with changing priorities. In Creative Biolabs, our advantages in conducting such studies are as follows:

  • A team of experienced scientists
  • Advanced facilities
  • The ability to work out standard screening as well as more complex studies
  • Fully integrated LC-MS/MS bioanalysis of PK samples

What We Offer

Based on our extensive experience and excellent expertise, Creative Biolabs is able to provide expert in vivo PK services. Drug candidate can be administered to normal or disease models through various routes according to the requirements of our clients. Sample collection (such as blood, urine, and etc.) both pre- and post-dose is flexible and optimized to meet the needs of each separate project and test article. Our laboratories are well established, equipped with performance of LC/MS/MS bioanalysis as well as professional data analysis. Moreover, we are willing to work with you to identify the most appropriate animal models and to tailor the customized study designs.

Appropriate application of in vivo pharmacokinetic investigative and screening studies can significantly accelerate drug discovery and development. Creative Biolabs also offers a set of in vivo pharmacokinetic assay services in addition to investigative or screening studies, including:

Besides, you might be also interested in other in vivo PK studies listed below:

If you have any special needs in in vivo pharmacokinetic assays or be interested in learning more about Creative Biolabs’ pharmacokinetic assay services, please contact us for expert advice.

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