Nude rat xenograft models provide a more appropriate platform that conquers the limitations of traditional in vivo models and more precisely represent human cancer features especially in relation to metastasis and drug sensitivity. Creative Biolabs is committed to providing high quality and validated nude rat xenograft models for biomedical researchers worldwide. The Creative Biolabs portfolio covers various nude rat models that are commonly used for many oncology study applications, including toxicology, pharmacology, and various other disease-related research disciplines.

Nude Rat Xenograft Models

The nude rat is a kind of original immunodeficient rat model, which has an autotrophic mutation in Foxn1, the rat ortholog of mouse Foxn1 gene. And the nude rats are B and T-cell deficient (Rag2 KO) or fully immunocompromised (Rag2/Il2rg double KO, lack of B, T and NK-cells), so that can realize implantation of human tumor cells or tissues for tumor immunology and PDX researches.

Nude rat xenograft models are regarded as an appealing alternative compared with xenograft mouse models since agents' PK properties in nude rat models are typically similar to that detected in humans.

Study Example

Nude Rat Xenograft ModelsFig. 1 Cell inoculation under ultrasound image guidance.
(A) Cancer cells were injected through the skin (circle) and into the lower mammary fat pad under ultrasound image guidance.
(B) Ultrasound image showing needle tip (arrowhead) and mammary fat pad (Nofiele & Cheng, 2014).

Nude Rat Xenograft ModelsFig. 2 In-vivo gadolinium contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of orthotopic breast tumors in nude rats at 3 Tesla. T1-weighted spin-echo images acquired post-contrast injection at early and late stages of tumor development are shown in two rats.
(A) MRI was acquired 6 days (left) and 20 days (right) after cell inoculation in the mammary fat pad. (B) MRI was acquired 6 days (left) and 13 days (right) after cell inoculation in the mammary fat pad. Arrow points to tumor (Nofiele & Cheng, 2014).

Features of Nude Rat in Creative Biolabs

Rat models have several significant advantages over mouse models when used for xenograft studies:

  • Rats have larger figure size which makes them more amenable to surgical manipulations and imaging.
  • Rats are more physiologically similar to humans than mice such as in cardiovascular physiology and drug metabolism.
  • Xenograft tumors in rat can grow larger, especially in xenografts into the prostate, brain, and other tissues, and thus ensure more tissue for analyzing.
  • Rat is more suitable for memory and cognition studies.
  • Rat allows both efficacy studies and toxicology to be evaluated in the same model.


Generally, nude rats are applied to associate the oncology study and toxicology study. Since oncology studies typically take advantage of mouse models, while toxicology studies are commonly performed in rat, the nude rat provides a unique platform for anti-tumor agents discovery by which both drug efficacy and toxicology can be tested. Besides, another main application of nude rat models is imaging concerned to xenografts owing to their figure size which contribute to imaging of fine structures.

Why choose us?

Creative Biolabs has established efficient and validated nude rat xenograft models for both subcutaneous and orthotopic as below:

  • Solid tumors like: colon, glioblastoma, bladder, and prostate cancer
  • Non-solid tumors like: myeloma and AML

With decades of experience in the industry of animal model, Creative Biolabs has refined our skills to be proficient in providing human tumor xenograft models. Our scientists are unequaled in establishing nude rat xenograft models for study in anti-tumor drug. At Creative Biolabs, our oncology service also includes custom nude rat models for your target-specific research. If you are interested in learning more about Creative Biolabs' animal models or drug discovery service, please contact us for more details.

What's more, the broad range of rodent tumor models in Creative Biolabs ensures a wide variety of testing alternatives for your agent:


  1. Nofiele J.T.; Cheng H.L.M. Establishment of a lung metastatic breast tumor xenograft model in nude rats. PloS one. 2014, 9(5): e97950.

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