Pharmacokinetics (PK) studies are of great importance in creating new therapeutic drugs, understanding both the beneficial and harmful effects of drugs, and guiding drug development experiments and trials. In PK assays, the applied assay method should be well characterized and fully validated, in order to yield reliable results. With the world’s broadest range of knowledge in drug discovery, Creative Biolabs applies its expertise in a variety of pharmacokinetics assays to support in vivo PK studies, and provides high-quality PK assay procedures and results strictly in compliance with GLP regulations and in line with international regulatory standards (FDA, EMEA, ICH), to meet your regulatory requirements.

Pharmacokinetic Assays

Pharmacokinetics (PK) is carried out to investigate the mechanisms of a drug’s absorption, biodistribution, metabolism, and excretion. Investigating the pharmacokinetics of a certain therapeutic drug plays a pivotal role in understanding its effectiveness and safety, as well as identifying the appropriate dosage and proper distribution. By assessing in vivo pharmacokinetics of a biological drug in different animal models, such as rodent and non-human primates, it is feasible to discover and understand a drug’s interaction with the body, as well as the intensity and duration of its efficacy.

Pharmacokinetic Assays


Accordingly, pharmacokinetic assays are an essential component of the drug development process, and the data obtained is applied to helping select dosage for preclinical and clinical studies.

Our Advantages

At Creative Biolabs, our veteran scientists are proficient in factors which could influence the validity of pharmacokinetic assays, and take account of these complexities during method development and assay performance to ensure optimum results.

  • A comprehensive and flexible portfolio of technology platforms for a broad range of analytical needs.
  • Be able to offer in vivo PK assay services under GLP to meet your regulatory requirements.
  • Our comprehensive quality system ensures the same high standards for those studies not requiring GLP/GCP compliance.
  • Involve various animal species such as non-human primate, mice, rat, canine, rabbit, and hamster.

As a reliable partner of the top global pharma companies and research agencies, Creative Biolabs has proven our ability to efficiently conduct various in vivo PK assays to discovery gain a precise understanding of the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion characteristics of the product. According to your specific assay needs, we can take advantage of advanced facilities, skilled technicians, and vast experience of method development and validation, to assist you to select the most appropriate technology platforms for your research project.

Following is the list of available services of pharmacokinetics assays at Creative Biolabs, which highlight the experience and capabilities of our method development and validation services:

In addition to the services of pharmacokinetics assays, you might be also interested in other in vivo PK studies listed below:

If you have any special needs in in vivo pharmacokinetic assays or be interested in learning more about Creative Biolabs’ pharmacokinetic assay services, please contact us for more information.

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