Phenotypic screening can be used to identify compounds that disrupt, augment or restore a cellular phenotype without priori invoking of a specific molecular pathway. As the increasing popularity in phenotypic screening, Creative Biolabs provides phenotypic-based approaches for therapeutic compounds screening and drug repurposing.

Phenotypic screening is a type of screening which observes or measures biochemical or physical characteristics of an individual cell or organism. The effect of a compound can be observed on complex whole cell system rather than on an isolated component. The biggest advantage of phenotypic screening is that it delivers the bioactive compound directly on an advanced disease-relevant parameter. Besides, by phenotypic screening, it has the opportunity to identify translational phenotypic biomarkers, new targets, new mechanism of action of a compound, and develop new assays to execute phenotypic drug discovery successfully.

It was noted that 37% of the first-in-class drugs approved by the FDA between 1999 and 2008 were discovered by phenotypic screening, compared to only 23% via target-based screening. The renaissance of phenotypic screening impels researchers in Creative Biolabs to provide multiplexing automated high throughput technologies to identify compounds with an ability to treat diseases. Cell-based screening assay is of significant advantages in:

  • Identification of a new medicine candidate
  • Mechanism of action (MOA) studies
  • In vitro toxicity studies (like cytotoxicity)
  • Evaluate target accessibility of compounds which evaluate if compounds can cross the cell wall and membrane for intracellular target interactions

Phenotypic Screening

Creative Biolabs provides the following two types of phenotypic screening methods:

High Content Screening (HCS)

HCS measures biological activity in cells or organisms following treatment with tested agents in multi-well plates. We provide high content screening service to measure multiple features of the cells or organisms simultaneous with one or more fluorescent dyes. HCS can be used in all aspects of drug discovery from target validation throughout the hit identification cascade as an engine for driving lead discovery. HCS enables an insight of cellular phenomena caused by hits during the process of drug screening.

High Throughput Flow Cytometry

Creative Biolabs uses a novel phenotypic screening platform which incorporates the attributes of flow cytometry, HTS, and a powerful data analysis and management system into one platform. This optimized HTFC system allows rapid identification of hits from multiplexed compounds and can analyze up to six separate parameters over a six-decade dynamic range in each well. HTFC technology has been applied to numerous assay areas, including efflux transporter screening, in vitro toxicology, target-based screening, whole cell, and receptor binding assays.

Our knowledge and skills in high throughput assays, combined with our expertise in developing phenotypic or cell-based assays allow us to work with your program rapidly and efficiently.

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