The importance of biomarkers in drug discovery is now constantly increasing. In in vivo pharmacokinetic studies of drug development, a biomarker can be used to monitor disease progress, confirm mechanism of action, and also be used as a surrogate for a natural endpoint to assess drug efficacy and safety. Creative Biolabs is a world top CRO focused on drug discovery, with decades of experience in conducting in vivo PK assays to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of drug candidates. A team of senior scientists is proud to provide flexible PK biomarker assessment services that incorporate with other effective assays, to ensure greater prediction of success for preclinical and clinical studies.

PK Biomarker Assessment

Biomarkers are applied in a wide range of scientific fields to evaluate normal and pathogenic processes or the response to treatment. More generally, biomarker can be used as an indicator of a certain disease state or the treatment status of an organism, and also be applied to diagnose disease risk, and contribute to choosing drug treatment or administration regimes. In the drug development progress, molecular biomarkers are used in several areas, such as early drug development studies, safety studies, proof of concept studies, and molecular profiling.

PK Biomarker Assessment


PK biomarkers are now considered as important tools to facilitate drug development projects in a rational, hypothesis-testing way. Once a proposed drug-related biomarker being validated, it can indicate whether a drug will be effective and how the body will process it. By combining together appropriate PK, PD and response biomarkers, the main questions in preclinical phases of drug development can be addressed.

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PK Biomarker Assessment

Since it plays a vital role throughout all the phases of drug discovery, biomarker assessment calls for sensitive and robust assays with high precision and accuracy. Creative Biolabs provides a wide range of technology platforms, with a group of scientists who specialized in the complexities of PK biomarker analysis. We offer assessment assays for protein biomarkers such as cytokines, enzymes, chemokines, hormones, antibodies, growth factors, an etc., for secreted markers in various matrices (e.g. serum, plasma, sputum cell culture supernatants, urine, and all other body fluids) and for those expressed in tissues. What’s more, we also offer PK biomarker assessment on the DNA and mRNA / cDNA level.

Our scientists have longstanding experience in PK biomarker assessment including assay development and validation under GLP quality standards. The result of PK biomarker assessment studies at Creative Biolabs is accurate and reliable to ensure high-quality PK assay services for our clients all over the world.

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