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Complement Therapeutic Services

We provide a full range of complement therapeutic services and complement based drug discovery services for customers. Our comprehensive complement therapeutic development services include therapeutic antibodies, serine protease inhibitors, soluble complement regulators, complement component inhibitors, as well as anaphylatoxin receptor antagonists, and other small molecules.

Antifungal Drug Discovery

We provide the wonderful one-stop antifungal drug discovery platform against various potential targets and fungal species. From the target identification to the final IND-Enabling, our complete procedure has the capability to enable you to free up your time for core work and project.

Antibacterial Drug Discovery

Creative Biolabs provides the one-stop antibacterial drug discovery services against severe bacterial pathogens. From the target identification to the final IND-Enabling, we offer customized proposals to meet your project requirements in the quality, timeline, and budget.

MIB-CM® Microbiology Reagents

Creative Biolabs is a world leading biotechnological company in research and development of agents in the field of antifungal and antibacterial drug discovery. Now we can provide a series of MIB-CM® reagents to assist microbiology research for our customs all over the world.

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