Immunotherapy has become a novel, powerful clinical strategy of cancer treatment. The number of immunotherapy drug approvals is increasing, with numerous therapeutics in clinical and preclinical development. A key problem in the extensive implementation of immunotherapies for cancer is the controlled modulation of immune systems since these treatments have serious adverse effects, e.g. autoimmunity and nonspecific inflammation. Identifying central targets in the tumorigenesis pathway and understanding the response to distinct classes of immunotherapy is an important step to improve therapy efficacy and control adverse effects.

In the past few decades, cancer immunotherapies have seen significant advances in the clinical stage, as the huge effort has been invested in developing the therapeutic potential of the body’s immunity. As a leading company in the immunotherapy market, Creative Biolabs is committed to dissecting the whole mechanisms of an immune response to cancer and pays attention to fulfilling the protective and therapeutic cancer immunotherapies. In particular, we provide cutting-edge technologies and worry-free custom services for tumor-associated target discovery and highly multiplexed biomarker research.

  • Target Discovery Services at Creative Biolabs

Correlative technologies used in target identification. Fig.1 Correlative technologies used in target identification. (Lindsay, 2003)

Cancer immunotherapy is a major modality for treating cancer, which is usually used in combination with other cancer therapeutics, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. The term immunotherapy is an intervention that can modulate immune systems for effective targeting and elimination of tumor cells. It is a quite broad concept and holds a variety of treatments, some enhancing immune response in a very common way, while others inducing immune reactions to specifically target cancer cells or tissues.

Target discovery involves the identification and early validation of disease-modifying targets, which is a pivotal first step in the drug development pipeline. At Creative Biolabs, we examine the possible impact of current technologies, including proteomics, genomics, RNA interference (RNAi), and knockout models, to unlock many different molecular targets for therapeutic exploration. With the help of us, customers will receive the unambiguous identification of obviously regulated targets in a tumor model and here, we have listed two major categories of technical platforms for target discovery.

Tumor-Associated Antigen (TAA) Discovery

TAA is a class of antigen molecule present on tumor or normal cells, involving embryonic proteins, glycoprotein antigens, and many others, which have been widely used for treating several tumors. Based on identified TAA, many attempts have been made to developing antitumor medicines. TAA discovery and characterization play a critical role in screening therapeutic drugs for human cancers. Notably, Creative Biolabs has the ability to save your timeline on TAAs discovery and reduce the cost of drug development with state-of-the-art instrumentation and sophisticated high-throughput platform.

Immunogenic Epitopes of TAA Discovery

For tumor cells, TAA often activates lymphocytes through its epitope binding to the antigen receptor on the corresponding lymphocyte surface, thus triggering an immune response and forming a threat to human health. It is essential to enable appropriate selection predictions for epitopes to regulate its immunogenicity. Based on years of experimental experience and potent bioinformatics analysis capacity, Creative Biolabs offers a series of immunogenic epitope discovery, selection, and prediction services for TAA identification and further cancer immunotherapy.

Functional Genomics Screens & Other Methods

Technical progress in instrumentation, sample handling, immunological assays, and bioinformatics profiling have generated large amounts of immunological data, such as experimentally detected tumor antigens and T cell epitopes, novel tumor biomarkers, and differentially expressed proteins or genes identified through proteomics, genomics, or other high-throughput approaches. To date, our teams have harnessed a diversity of advantageous functional genomics tools to collect, analyze, and manage data for target screening of cancer immunotherapies.

  • Protein microarrays
  • cDNA microarrays
  • short hairpin (sh) RNAs for RNAi-based knockdown screens
  • short guide (sg) RNAs for CRISPR-Cas9-based knockout screens
  • Knockdown/out animal models
  • Phage display
  • Computational methods & bioinformatic techniques
Our Highlights
  • One-stop, customized service packages for target discovery and identification.
  • Advanced technologies and high-throughput options for large challenging projects.
  • Expertise in immunotherapy and proficient experts with more than 10 years of experience in target discovery.
  • Cost-effective designs, standard protocols, and strict quality control ensuring analytical data and reliable results.

Cancer immunotherapies focus on tumor-specific antigens and on regulatory mechanisms that drive effective immune reactions. Finding an ideal target in a relevant pathway regarding tumor occurrence and development may be challenging. As a well-recognized supplier in the world, Creative Biolabs devotes to assisting clients in various therapeutics areas, including but not limited to oncology, neurology, immunological disorders, metabolic disorders, respiratory disorders, and other rare diseases. We offer a number of top-ranking techniques and custom services for target and drug discovery, pathway modeling, mechanisms of action research. If you don't find needed target identification services on this page, please directly contact us for more information.


  1. Lindsay, M.A. Target discovery. Nat Rev Drug Discov. 2003, 2(10): 831-838.

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