Creative Biolabs has years of experience in providing high-quality in vivo PK studies for worldwide customers. Based on a wealth of experience and cutting-edge technology, now we can offer a variety of well-designed toxicokinetics (TK) study services involving several different strategies and depend on the scientific question to be answered.

What Is Toxicokinetics Study

Toxicokinetics (TK) is the analysis of the penetration into and fate within the body of a toxic substance as well as the possible emergence of metabolites. The goal of TK is to correlate findings of toxicity with a corresponding level of drug exposure. As an important part of drug development phase, TK studies are generally conducted according to several guidelines recommended by regulatory bodies (OECD). Furthermore, in addition to confirming exposure and establishing exposure parameters associated with the NOAEL, the data obtained from TK study is of great value in the selection of dose, dosing form, alternative dosing route, and evaluation of toxicological mechanism.

Our Capabilities

With advanced technology, Creative Biolabs can perform TK study in multiple species, such as mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, pigs, and non-human primates. Our years of TK experience enable us to provide high-quality TK study services with numerous routes of administration, types of toxicity study, and complex nonclinical study designs. Based on our state-of-the-art LC/MS technology, we can quantify your compound in a variety of biological matrices, including but not limited to blood, plasma, serum, urine, and tissues. Test compound concentrations can be detected in fluids and tissues depending on your specific requirements. We can also develop or transfer analytical methods for worldwide customers to promote the development of your programs.

Structure of the Druckrey–Küpfmüller model. Fig.1 Structure of the Druckrey–Küpfmüller model. The internal concentration or dose is determined by the toxicokinetic processes that take place inside the organisms. (Tennekes, et al. 2013)

Toxicokinetics (TK) Services Provided by Creative Biolabs

  • TK support for toxicology studies
  • Stand-alone investigative TK studies
  • GLP and non-GLP TK analyses
  • Study design including dose selection, frequency and sample collections

Features of Our Services

  • Quickly: Rapid and thorough Quality Assurance Unit (QAU)
  • GLP-compliant validated computing environment for conducting TK analyses
  • Robust report templates
  • Cost-effective: Competitive price with the best quality

Creative Biolabs is committed to being your good partner in new drug discovery. We are happy to work with you for the development of your drug discovery programs. Our professional scientists will work closely with you to provide a comprehensive service to help you gain marketplace advantage.

Except for TK study services, we also provide other in vivo PK study services listed below to meet every client’s requirements.

If you are interested in the services we can provide, please feel free to contact us and get a quote.


  1. Tennekes, et al. "The molecular basis of simple relationships between exposure concentration and toxic effects with time." Toxicology 309 (2013): 39-51.

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