Drug-induced Tolerization Method

Creative Biolabs has long-term devoted to the development and application of nearly all kinds of immunization strategies, especially in subtractive immunization. Drug-induced tolerization is one of the three high-efficiency tolerization methods in subtractive immunization, which we are now providing to our global customers.

Introduction of Drug-induced Tolerization

In recent years, drug-induced tolerization plays an important role in the development of immunological tolerance. Especially it was found that the nitrogen mustard cyclophosphamide is able to tolerize the Non-Self antigens as a cytostatic drug. The theoretical basis is that cyclophosphamide has the ability to eliminate the B-cells and T-cells which are stimulated by the antigens. When the organism contacts with the antigen, the B-cells and T-cells would turn to be activated and proliferative. The treatment with cyclophosphamide can eliminate them responding to the antigens so that inhibit the immune response of tolerogen. Above all, the drug-induced tolerization as the most efficient tolerization methods in subtractive immunization greatly enhances the ability to obtain the purified desired antibodies.

Drug-induced Tolerization Protocol

In general, the protocol of Drug-induced tolerization can be organized into four steps:

(1) The immature repertoire of B-cells develops unique antigen specificities.
(2) Co-injection of cyclophosphamide and antigen into animals results in the elimination of B-cells responding to the tolerogen. In the meantime, the T-cells which have the ability to suppress the immune response against protected Self-antigens are also been eliminated.
(3) Then the tolerized animal is exposed to the immunogen and initiates to an immune response against those antigens whose corresponding B-cells have not been eliminated.
(4) Furthermore, the animal can initiate a humoral response against those antigens from their corresponding B-cells even that their corresponding T-cells are eliminated during the drug-induced tolerization stage.

The different effects depending on the time of cyclophosphamide treatment

Cyclophosphamide-mediated tolerization.Fig.1 Cyclophosphamide-mediated tolerization.

Creative Biolabs is one of the well-recognized experts who are professional in varies of immunization strategies and tolerization methods. Based on our extensive experience and professional scientists, we are capable of meeting the specific need of each customer with the best project design. If you are interested in our Drug-induced tolerization, please do not hesitate to inquire us for more details.

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