Endogenous Peptidome Analysis Service

Endogenous Peptidome Analysis ServiceFig. 1 Proteolysis extends beyond protein degradation. (Lai et al. 2015) Creative Biolabs provides the one-stop service for the analysis of endogenous peptidome. Based on our comprehensive analysis platform, scientists from Creative Biolabs are able to identify and validate the peptidome information with high accuracy and reproducibility.

Endogenous peptidome represents the array of native peptides that are present in different intracellular or extracellular space of organisms, such as body fluids, primarily blood plasma and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). The generation of these peptides is persistent and related to active synthesis or proteolysis. These peptides may play roles as cytokines, growth factors and peptide hormones, which are involved in various physiological functions. In addition, pathological diseases can also lead to specific proteolytic cleavage, indicating endogenous peptidome investigations may provide valuable information in clinical diagnostics. Through peptidome analysis, in which the vast majority of hyper-abundant proteins are properly removed, the identification and quantification of endogenous peptides not only offer useful data about disease status, drug efficacy and toxicity, but also promote the biomarker discovery. Furthermore, the analysis of peptidome is able to better the understanding of protease-substrate relationship and protease function in healthy and pathological conditions.

Creative Biolabs has established a comprehensive analysis platform for endogenous peptidome. Our scientists are confident in analyzing the endogenous peptidome from a broad range of samples, including but not limited to cell cultures, tissue extracts and various body fluids (e.g. plasma, serum, urine, tears, saliva, CSF or synovial fluid). With our endogenous peptidome analysis platform, the samples containing peptides and small proteins can be enriched and more than 90% of protein will be removed before analysis. The obtained peptidome libraries are the ideal source to discover novel bioactive agents. In addition, the peptidome libraries can be further investigated and analyzed properly by our LC-MS/MS system. Our scientists can identify the interested endogenous peptides and compare the peptide expression level between different biochemical processes, and in this manner the accurate and reproducible results will be finally delivered.

Features and potential applications of our endogenous peptidome analysis service:

Creative Biolabs is committed to offering the best peptidome analysis service. With years of experience, our scientists have established optimized strategies for qualitative and quantitative analysis. In addition, to meet our clients’ special requirements, we are pleased to tailor analytical services for any novel peptidome investigation.


  1. Lai, Z. W., Petrera, A. and Schilling, O. (2015) 'The emerging role of the peptidome in biomarker discovery and degradome profiling', Biological chemistry, 396(3), 185-192.

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