Endothelin Receptor Family

The endothelin receptors are members of the family A G protein-coupled receptors, a class of proteins that has been exploited very successfully as targets for the development of drugs. Currently, there are two endothelin receptors what are now known as the ETA and ETB receptors which are expressed by a wide variety of cells and tissues. They are classified on the basis of their rank order of potencies for the endothelins. Studies have shown that the amino acid sequences deduced from cloned ETA and ETB receptors predict that these receptors are heptahelical G-protein coupled receptors. In humans, the ETA receptor is predicted to be 427 amino acids long and shows approximately 64% sequence similarity to the predicted 442 amino acid long human ETB receptor. During the past years, numerous functions and applications of the endothelin receptor family have been widely studied.

Here, we give a comprehensive introduction for members of the ET receptor family, including endothelin-1 receptor and endothelin receptor type B. To learn more detailed information, please click the links below.

Human ET Receptor Members

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Endothelin Receptor Family

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