CreMap™ Epitope Mapping by Microfluidic Peptide Microarray

Creative Biolabs has set up the advanced microfluidic microarray platform for the high-throughput and high-resolution B cell epitope mapping or other immunoassays service in a qualitative as well as quantitative way. This platform provides the opportunity to study thousands of potential peptide sequences in a single run by utilizing a limited amount sample. Several types of microarrays (such as microfluidic networks microarray, disc-based microfluidic microarray, microbeads microfluidic microarray) are available.

Microfluidic peptide microarray technique has emerged as a powerful tool in the field of disease diagnostics and epitope mapping. Compared with a microtitre-based immunoassay, the major benefits of the microarray are multiplexity (a couple thousand spots in the low-density array to 50,000 spots in high-density arrays), low sample volumes, robustness, and rapid methods. Our experienced research group provides the customized schedule for our clients to meet the corresponding needs. Once we receive the sample from our clients, we’ll synthesize a custom designed array and follow up by performing the peptide binding assay as request, collecting and analyzing the corresponding data, and deliver a final results report. The unique microfluidic biochip is employed in this technique and the target peptides sequences are synthesized on this biochip, which provides a miniaturized and automated analysis system for simple operation.

This microfluidic peptide microarray analysis has become popular in scientific research and clinical diagnosis due to the feature of quick, low-volume and high-throughput analysis of samples. Moreover, this method is very cost effective.

CreMap™ Epitope Mapping by Microfluidic Peptide MicroarrayFig.1 Schematic illustration of the microfluidic array.

Applications of our CreMap™ Microfluidic Peptide Microarray-based Epitope Mapping Service

Brief Workflow of our CreMap™ Microfluidic Peptide Microarray-based Epitope Mapping Service

CreMap™ Epitope Mapping by Microfluidic Peptide Microarray

The microfluidic platform developed by Creative Biolabs has been extensively used in the identification of specific substrate for a given antibody or the identification of immunodominant fragment of antigens. Furthermore, our microfluidic peptide microarray platform can help you detect the protein-protein interactions at the amino acid level. If you are interested in this platform, pleasecontact us for more information.


  1. Xiaobo Yu, et al. “µFBI: A Microfluidic Bead-Based Immunoassay for Multiplexed Detection of Proteins from a µL Sample Volume.” PLOS ONE 5 (2010): e13125.

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