Creative Biolabs, a private company focusing on offering a widely full range of exosome-related services and products, was founded by a staff of scientists who have engaged in exosome research for many years. Supported by in-house scientists and first-in-class technological platform, we are confident in providing the best and comprehensive services covering exosome sampling, analysis, manufacturing, and exosome-based application. Besides, we also provide a series of high-quality exosome-related products involving all aspects of exosome research, including exosome isolation and purification, exosome qualification, exosome antibody as well as exosome engineering to facilitate your project success.

Our Mission

To be the best helper for research institutions!
To be a valuable cooperator for novel exosome-based therapeutics development!

Our mission is to help customers to facilitate their exosome research and accelerate exosome application for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. As a world-leading service provider in the exosome research, we have served hundreds of customers to attain their satisfying result, thus we accumulate the extensive experience in the field of exosome research. We make a promise to offer high-quality and cost-effective exosome-related solutions for global clients.

Licensing and Collaboration

As a well-known participant in the field of exosome research, Creative Biolabs has been establishing a strong network of academic and industrial collaborators. We are always seeking opportunities for new partnerships to achieve a win-win relationship.

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