Feline Leukemia Virus Subgroup C Receptor Family

The feline leukemia virus subgroup C receptor (FLVCR) family, which belongs to the facilitator superfamily of transporter proteins, is the cell surface receptor for leukemia virus, subgroup C. FLVCR family includes two heme export proteins, FLVCR1 and FLVCR2. FLVCR1 is expressed in all hematopoietic tissues including peripheral blood lymphocytes, and also in pancreas and kidney. On the contrary, FLVCR2 is primarily found in non-hematopoietic tissues, with relative abundant expression in brain, placenta, lung, liver, and kidney. FLVCR2 is also found in hematopoietic tissues, such as fetal liver, spleen, lymph node, thymus, leukocytes and bone marrow. FLVCR family is a group of heme export protein that is required for proerythroblast survival and facilitates macrophage heme iron recycling. Furthermore, studies of FLVCR expression in cell lines suggest this exporter also impacts heme trafficking in intestine and liver.

Studies have shown that the export of heme via FLVCR is tightly regulated by the presence and avidity of the extracellular heme-binding proteins hemopexin and albumin. Above all, heme export by FLVCR is a mechanism for heme iron trafficking to prevent cellular heme and iron toxicity and to maintain heme and iron homeostasis. Here, we have given further information on the two members of FLVCR family.

Human FLVCR Family Members

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