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Formulation Services

Creative Biolabs' scientists have a wide and varied background of pharmaceutical development experience across an extensive range of compounds. Our facilities were designed to be flexible and are capable of handling a wide variety of batch sizes. We have formulation capabilities covering formulation development for early safety studies, prototype formulations for clinical trials, preliminary process identification, and commercial formulation development including generic drugs.

At Creative Biolabs, we have the expertise to formulate and develop a variety of dosage forms, including:

Formulation Development

Phase I to III Clinical Development (NCEs)
      Powder-in-bottle to Drug-in-capsules
      Liquid filled capsules
      Comparator Studies

Formulation Development in Various Dosage Forms
      Conventional Oral Solid Dosages
      Press coated tablets (Sub Coated Tablets)
      Granules for Reconstitution
      Sterile Liquids – Injectables  & Ophthalmic
      Non- Sterile Liquid Oral Formulations

Semi Solid Formulations
      Lyophilized Products
      In-situ Salt Formations
      Sterile Solutions, Nanoparticles & Liposomes
      Oral Solutions & Suspensions
      Generic and Innovative Products

Paediatric formulations
     Oncology Molecules (Sterile and Solid Dosages)
     Complete development of ANDAs / CTDs
     Pilot GMP manufacturing suites to support Clinical / BE studies

Preformulation Studies

Selection of form
     Salt screening
     Polymorph screening
     Co-crystal screening
Physico-chemical characterization
pH Solubility & Stability
Solubility in bio-relevant medium
Solubility enhancement
Solid state stability
Forced degradation study
Stability indicating method development
Determination of Log P, Log D and pKa
Excipient compatibility

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