Magic™ Human Antibody Production by Phage Display Immune Library

Aiming at facilitating the progress of next-generation antibody therapies, Creative Biolabs has integrated multiple state-of-the-art technologies and resources during the past decades. We are proud to introduce our featured Magic™ Human Antibody Discovery Platform to our worldwide customers. In particular, we combine the genetically “humanized” mice with our strong expertise in phage display immune library technology, offering a powerful approach for the discovery of high specific, high-affinity antibody candidates.

Phage display library construction and library screening has long been one of the most widely used methods for antibody generation towards a variety of targets. Conventional hybridoma technology may lose many potential binders during cell fusion and screening process. In contrast, by creating a huge pool representing the entire antibody repertoire, phage display technology allows the collection of the whole set of antibodies in immunized animals, and subsequent isolation of the best binders from the collection. Moreover, enriching steps and counter selections can be easily incorporated in panning steps. Nowadays, it is contributing to various biomedical research and industrial applications.

Human Antibody Production by Phage Display Immune Library

Despite these appealing strengths of phage display technique, it is largely restricted by immunization host - obviously one cannot immunize a human for antibody development. In this regard, transgenic mice can offer a promising solution. Transgenic mice, or “humanized” mice, have emerged as one powerful toolbox for not only antibody development but also pharmacokinetic/immunogenicity studies, and so on. They are constructed through introducing human Ig transloci into mouse germline and silencing endogenous mouse Ig gene at the same time. This way, these engineered mice can then produce fully human antibodies. Creative Biolabs has integrated several first-class transgenic mouse strains with diverse genetic background, as well as different capacities to generate both normal (heavy and light chain) antibodies and human sdAbs (heavy chain only). The resulting antibody candidates can provide following advantages compared to alternative methods:

In combination, phage display immune library technique can make the best of the humanized mice for the discovery of ideal antibody binders against a given target. We can obtain the entire antibody repertoire as a comprehensive library, and perform high-throughput biopanning to get high-affinity binders.

As alternatives, Creative Biolabs also offers transgenic mouse/rat hybridoma and Native plasma cell sorting strategies which can also incorporate with transgenic mice for antibody development. Our experienced scientists are always willing to discuss with every customer on a case-to-case basis. Please feel free to inquiry us for more details.

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