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Adenovirus Vector Characterization Service

Armed with first-in-class technologies and experienced scientists, Creative Biolabs is a leading company in adenovirus vectors’ services providing. Using our powerful gene therapy platform, we offer various assays and custom solutions to characterize different kinds of recombinant adenovirus vectors.

Introduction of Adenovirus Vectors

An ideal viral vector for gene therapy must possess several properties, including safety and low immunogenicity, high gene-transfer efficiency, specific target-gene delivery, easy to construction and manipulation, and so forth. Definitely, adenovirus vector, a non-enveloped DNA vector constructed by deleting certain genome, is just such a vector with these properties, more favorably, exhibiting some additional advantages. Advantages that (i) broad range hosts, (ii) ability to infect both dividing and non-dividing cells of different types, (iii) expression proteins without integration into the host cell genome, etc. pull adenovirus vectors to be one of the most potent and widely used viral delivery systems in gene therapy and cancer therapy.

Over the past several decades, adenovirus vectors construction is more and more improved after the development of first, second, and third generations. Currently, it is easy to prepare recombinant adenovirus vectors with high purity, high titer, and good performance. And adenovirus vectors characterization can assist us to know about characteristics and construction or transducing efficiency of the vectors, and provide meaningful guidance for future research.

Four commonly-used methods to generate and produce adenovirus vectors for gene delivery. Figure 1. Four commonly-used methods to generate and produce adenovirus vectors for gene delivery. (Lee, 2017)

Adenovirus Vector Characterization Service at Creative Biolabs

A broad spectrum of assays has been developed for the characterization of adenovirus vectors. Using advanced techniques and abundant experience, Creative Biolabs offers our valued clients with customized solutions and a series of mature adenovirus vector characterization assays, which mainly includes but not limited to:

Replication-competent adenovirus detection is the guarantee of the safety of gene therapy as well as the oncolytic effect of cancer therapy. At Creative Biolabs, replication-competent adenovirus detection can be performed by cytopathic effect detection assay, quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and immunocytochemistry staining.

Adenovirus vector titration, also known as detection of adenovirus vector titer, means the quantitation of infectious recombinant adenovirus vectors. We provide several titration assays, including commonly used 50% tissue culture infective dose (TCID50), plaque assay, dilution assay, protein assays, etc.

Distinct to adenovirus vector titration, adenovirus vector virus particles determination refers to quantify the total number of the physical adenoviral particles, more than infectious adenovirus vector but also non-infectious or dead adenovirus. Spectrophotometry is usually preferred to detect adenovirus particles, directly particles determination with the help of analytical instruments is also recommended.

Plaque-forming titer assay is one of the most commonly used for adenovirus vector titration. Using our cGMP stable cell line and advanced technology platform, we provide efficient and accurate plaque-forming assays for determining the quantity of infectious adenovirus vector in about 3-7 days.

Aiming to provide the most comprehensive gene therapy services with high quality, Creative Biolabs has successfully established a series of related cutting-edge platforms to offer global clients custom products and services that best fit your needs. In addition to the adenovirus vector, many other potential gene deliver systems are also within the scope of our business.

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  1. Lee, C.S.; et al. (2017). Adenovirus-mediated gene delivery: Potential applications for gene and cell-based therapies in the new era of personalized medicine. Genes & Diseases. 4(2): 43-63.

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