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Oligonucleotide-antibody Conjugation Service

Oligonucleotide-antibody conjugates have been used as the best suitable tools for high-sensitive protein detection. By combining our expertise in this field and advanced technology platforms, Creative Biolabs can offer high-quality oligonucleotide-antibody conjugation service by using the raw materials provided by our customers; meanwhile, our seasoned scientists can meet your specific oligonucleotide conjugation demands with the highest efficiency and the best quality.

Oligonucleotide-antibody Conjugation Service

The natural or modified oligonucleotide conjugating to the antibody (covalent attachment by chemical and biological methods) is possible advantageous over traditional oligonucleotide structural modifications because it not only improves the existing oligonucleotide properties but also endows oligonucleotide with entirely new and robust features. Antibody conjugated to oligonucleotide is undoubtedly the most attractive option for antigen-dependent and cell-type specific delivery of oligonucleotide cargoes, particularly siRNA agents, which rely on delivery enhancers.

Various methods based on the chemical modification for the conjugation of oligonucleotides to antibodies are used to prepare the final bioconjugates with solid-phase/solution-phase chemistry methodologies, and the 3’- or 5’- terminal positions of the oligonucleotide that are technically easy to access are the most frequently-used sites.

Creative Biolabs assists our clients in conjugating antibodies to single-stranded oligonucleotides or double-stranded oligonucleotides using various cross-linking chemistries.

Conjugation of the azide-modified oligonucleotide to antibody. Figure 1. Conjugation of the azide-modified oligonucleotide to antibody. (Gong, 2016)


Applications of Oligonucleotide-antibody Conjugation

For full realization of the enormous potential of oligonucleotide diagnostic and therapeutic applications, oligonucleotide-antibody conjugates have been used in numerous applications from diagnostics to therapeutics, for example, 1) used for oligonucleotides-antibody efficient delivery in therapeutic applications, 2) used as sensitive and specific reagents for immuno-PCR method and multiplexed assay, 3) used to modulate the pharmacokinetic behavior or target particular receptors, as well as 4) other unique applications based on oligonucleotide-antibody building blocks.

The specific high-affinity binding antibody could enable tissue-selective delivery and preference for effective intracytoplasmatic oligonucleotide delivery. Oligonucleotide-antibody conjugates have been used in protein detection in immunoassays as a sensitive method for protein detection and quantification; for example, the immuno-PCR assay uses site-specifically oligonucleotide-conjugated antibodies to bind to specific protein targets. Thus, products of amplification are visualized for denoting the presence of bound analytes.

In addition, multiplexed assay development has the ability to simultaneously measure multiple analytes across multiple samples in a quantitative manner. Based on superior characteristics and the versatility of oligonucleotide-antibody conjugates, it acts as an efficient and precise detection tool for multiple proteins and offers great promise for its application in various aspects of biological and medical sciences, including biomarker discovery, clinical diagnostics, protein interaction, and others.

With extensive experience in developing unique bioconjugation strategies for oligonucleotides, Creative Biolabs can provide the best quality service in oligonucleotide-antibody conjugation using the advanced and the best efficient bioconjugation chemistry for our customers all over the world. If you are considering developing any oligonucleotide bioconjugates, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


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For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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