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Carbohydrates play key roles in countless biological processes, but the analysis of them is intricate. With a variety of advanced technologies, Creative Biolabs offers a range of services in carbohydrate analysis. With a variety of advanced technologies, we are confident in solving any puzzle in carbohydrate analysis for customers.

Introduction of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are found virtually everywhere in living systems and play key roles in countless biological processes. Their best-known functions are as energy resources, as a backbone element in the DNA and RNA genetic molecules, and as builders of structural bio-scaffoldings in plants and insects. However, their biological activity is more diverse. Carbohydrates are central actors in cell signaling, molecular recognition, immunity, and inflammation. Fruits of some plants contain high concentrations of glucose, fructose, and raffinose-family oligosaccharides such as sucrose, whereas in bacterial cell walls complex glycans composed of glucosamine and muramic acid, and sometimes derivatives of higher members (heptose and octose) of monosaccharides are found. In animal tissues and body fluids, there are various kinds of carbohydrates including mono-, oligo-, and polysaccharides, which play important roles in supporting the living activity of animals. Glucose is one of the major constitutes of blood and generates energy when metabolized in the tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA cycle). Abnormal increase of glucose level in blood is a signal of diabetes, and therefore the rapid estimation of its level is an important problem in clinical chemistry. Some kinds of sea animals are covered by hard shells that are built up by the polymerized glucosamine. Carbohydrates exist in animal bodies not only in the unconjugated state but also in various kinds of glycoconjugates.

Intracellular sugar-responsive gene regulatory network.Fig.1 Intracellular sugar-responsive gene regulatory network. (Mattila, 2017)

Carbohydrate Analysis Service at Creative Biolabs

Advantages of Our Service

  • Professional: Creative Biolabs has years of experience in carbohydrate analysis service.
  • Reliable: Creative Biolabs has developed a high-quality platform with advanced technologies and the latest methods.
  • Customers-first: Creative Biolabs provides efficient, accurate, and cost-efficient services.

As a leading CRO company, Creative Biolabs has developed a cutting-edge platform with advanced technologies and experienced scientists. We are pleased to meet every specific technical or research requirement of our global customers. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


  1. Mattila, J.; Hietakangas, V. Regulation of carbohydrate energy metabolism in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics. 2017, 207(4): 1231-1253.
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