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Discovered over 100 years ago, the ABO blood groups were determined by the ABO gene. The gene encodes a glycosyltransferase, which transfers N-acetyl D-galactosamine (group A) or D-galactose (group B) to the nonreducing ends of glycans on glycoproteins and glycolipids. The blood group H antigen is located in the nonreducing ends of the glycans in the group O subjects, resulting from the inactivation of the A1 glycosyltransferase gene. The A/B/H antigenic determinants were shown to be oligosaccharides. These carbohydrate antigens exist in a number of variant forms expressed on glycoproteins, glycolipids and oligosaccharides which are ubiquitously distributed on cell surfaces, in the extracellular matrix, in secretions, and in staggering numbers.

The Lewis antigen system is intimately associated with ABO blood group system and the secretor system biochemically, though the genetic loci are not linked. Synthesized by intestinal epithelial cells, Lewis antigens are fucosylated glycolipids that circulate in plasma and are passively adsorbed onto red blood cells (RBCs). Lewisa and Lewisb are synthesized step by step by two separate fucosyltransferases: Lewis (FUT3) and Secretor (FUT2), which add fucose moieties onto type 1 glycoprotein chains to form Lewisa and type 1 chain H antigen, respectively. Lewis gene can also add a second fucose to type 1 H antigen to form Lewisb antigen. Lewisx and Lewisy, which are not detected on red cells, are isomers of Lewisa and Lewisb, respectively.

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Cat Product Name CAS Formula Size Datasheet Inquiry
GBG0001S Lewis Y Tetrasaccharide 82993-43-9 C26H45NO19
GBG0002S Lewis A trisaccharide 56570-03-7 C20H35NO15
GBG0003S 8-Methoxycarbonyloctyl 2-O-(A-L-Fucopyranosyl)-3-O-(A-D-Galactopyranosyl)-B-D-Galactopyranoside 65606-80-6 C28H50O17
GBG0004S alpha-Galactose-(1-3)-N-acetyllactosamine 77356-46-8 C20H35NO16
GBG0005S Blood group A trisaccharide, spacer-biotin conjugate 870891-83-1 C39H67N5O18S
GBG0006S Blood group H disaccharide 146076-26-8 C12H22O10
GBG0007S Lewis-B tetrasaccharide 80081-06-7 C26H45NO19
GBG0008S Lewis B tetrasaccharide-sp-biotin 870891-31-9 C45H77N5O22S
GBG0009S Lewis Y tetrasaccharide-sp-biotin 870891-90-0 C45H77N5O22S
GBG0010S Lewis B pentasaccharide 117660-11-4 C32H55NO24
GBG0011S Blood group H type I trisaccharide 137739-90-3 C20H35NO15
GBG0012S Blood group H type II trisaccharide 60797-31-1 C20H35NO15
GBG0013S Blood group H type II trisaccharide, spacer-biotin conjugate 870891-89-7 C39H67N5O18S
GBG0014S Blood group H tetraose type II 1352644-16-6 C26H45NO20
GBG0015S Blood group H pentaose type II 30517-76-1 C32H55NO25
GBG0016S Lewis X trisaccharide 4-methylumbelliferyl glycoside 359436-57-0 C30H41NO17
GBG0017S Blood group B trisaccharide 49777-14-2 C18H32O15
GBG0018S Blood group B trisaccharide, spacer-biotin conjugate 870891-30-8 C37H64N4O18S
GBG0019S Lewis X Trisaccharide, 4-Methylumbelliferyl Glycoside 101627-01-4 C20H35NO16
GBG0020S Blood group B type III/IV tetrasaccharide 1352644-06-4 C26H45NO20