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Cell surface glycoproteins are a group of proteins involve in various biological activities. Cell surface glycoprotein profiling can help us to figure out exact mechanisms and discover new glycoprotein biomarkers. As an outstanding customer provider, Creative Biolabs has accumulated years of glycoprotein profiling experience. Based on our powerful technology platform and professional Ph.D. level scientists in cell surface glycoprotein profiling, we can offer the best services according to the customers’ special demands.

Background of Cell Surface Glycoprotein

Cell surface glycoprotein is a basic and essential component of the human body, plant, an animal even microorganism with significant roles in diverse biological activities, such as cell signaling, cell-cell interaction, immune recognition, cell proliferation, and differentiation. As a part of the cell membrane, cell surface glycoprotein can serve as receptor, antigen or glycoprotein biomarker. Current researches mostly focus on the identification, structure and function investigation, few presented literature have reported a detail or integral cell surface glycoprotein profiling. It is due to that its recognition and adhesion play a critical role in the progression of diseases. Abnormal alteration in structures and functions of glycoproteins on cancer cells surface consequently cause aberrant adhesion and information transmission, which finally lead to out of the control of cancer cells karyomitosis. In the lymphatic system, abnormal alteration of glycoproteins leads to disordered recognition between normal cells and abnormal cells, which subsequently induce an incorrect immune response.

Cell Surface Glycoprotein Profiling Service in Creative Biolabs

Therefore, more investigations need to be conducted to improved cell surface glycoprotein profiling research. Equipped with world-leading technology platforms and professional scientific staff, Creative Biolabs can provide our customers with a perfect cell surface glycoprotein profiling service based on our professional team and powerful Technology platforms. Creative Biolabs has rich experience in glycoprotein profiling, which can provide a wide range of analysis services to make you have an overall understanding of glycoprotein features.

Profiling cell surface sialoglycoproteins via the bio-orthogonal chemical reporter strategy combined with quantitative shotgun proteomics. Fig.1 Profiling cell surface sialoglycoproteins via the bio-orthogonal chemical reporter strategy combined with quantitative shotgun proteomics (Autelitano, 2014).

As a leading custom service provider, Creative Biolabs has committed to glycoprotein profiling for several years. Our professional services have assisted a lot of customers to overcome multiple challenges in cell surface glycoprotein profiling. We can also provide perfect solutions and guidance to our customers with a full range of technology platform and professional scientists to improve your program development. If you are interested in glycan profiling of glycoproteins, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.


  1. Autelitano, F.; et al. Identification of novel tumor-associated cell surface sialoglycoproteins in human glioblastoma tumors using quantitative proteomics. Plos One. 2014, 9(10): e110316.
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