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With proven experience in glycodesign and the synthesis of complex carbohydrates, Creative Biolabs is fully competent and dedicated to serving as your one-stop-shop for glycolipid synthesis. Our custom glycolipid synthesis consists of laboratory synthesis and rapid scale-up. We are pleased to assist our clients' specific objectives in glycolipid synthesis.

Introduction of Glycolipids

Membrane carbohydrates, found on the extracellular surface, are complex and can display considerable variability in composition and structure. They are attached with embedded lipids forming glycolipids. Glycolipids constitute a complex family of amphipathic molecules structurally characterized by a hydrophilic mono- or oligo-saccharide moiety linked to a hydrophobic ceramide moiety. Glycolipids influence membrane parameters such as fluidity and domain formation, and due to the expose of saccharide moiety to the extracytoplasmic side of the cell, they also participate in cell-cell interactions and cell-ligand interactions. Moreover, Glycolipids play roles in immune response and the exchange of substances or signals. General properties of glycolipids include surfactant properties, gelation properties, and antimicrobial and antitumoral properties. It exists a huge diversity of glycolipids due to the possible combination of different sugar moieties (mono-, di- and polysaccharides) with a wide variety of fatty acids derivatives. Three sorts of glycolipids, alkyl polyglycosides, fatty acid glucamides, and sugar esters, are mainly synthesized and used in industry, mostly for their surfactant properties.

Applications in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Fields

Due to their surfactants or gelation properties, glycolipids can be used to encapsulate some drugs. Studies have shown that the sucrose esters ability to form various formulation systems for the loading of different active molecules. These results revealed that micro-particles can be obtained with sucrose esters and they exhibit efficient encapsulation properties for pharmaceuticals applications. Several other studies describe the preparation of hydrogels or solution stabilized by sucrose esters for drug dermal absorptions. Therefore, the glycolipid potential is huge in the pharmaceutical and biomedical field.

Custom Glycolipid Synthesis

Custom Glycolipid Synthesis at Creative Biolabs

Synthesis of glycolipids are paid more and more attention, allowing for the preparation of non-natural glycolipids and enhancing the understanding of the structural features of the biological responses. Glycolipids synthesis by conventional methods is a time consuming, labor demanding and costly process. In order to ease and speed up the synthetic methodology, Creative Biolabs focuses on the development of an efficient strategy for glycolipids synthesis, allowing to access large numbers of different glycolipids.

  • Synthetic glycolipid with high purity

Equipped with world-leading technology platforms and professional scientific staff in glycoscience, we have accumulated rich experience in the synthesis of diverse glycolipids, including monoglycosyl ceramides, diglycosyl ceramides, polyglycosyl ceramides, glycosyl diester glycerols, psychosines, and other glycolipids. In addition to ganglioside, sialyl Lewis X (sLeX), sialyl Lewis a (sLea) and Lipid A, we are devoted to the synthesis of highly difficult compounds, requiring multiple steps to obtain the final products. Creative Biolabs has bulk production facilities and can offer various synthesized sugar chains in kilogram scale. After synthesis, glycolipids are purified extensively by applying highly advanced purification techniques to ensure high purity.

  • Glycolipid labeling

Fluorescence labeling at the lipid and/or other functional groups is feasible. Besides, some other modifications are available upon request.

Creative Biolabs is committed to offering our customers high-quality glycolipid synthesis service at an affordable price within tight deadlines. We offer turn-key or ala carte services customized to our client’s needs. Please contact us for more information and a detailed quote.

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