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Glycoprotein analysis is a big challenge because of the complexity of carbohydrate structures and their derivatives. With years of experience and first-in-class technologies, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed versatile glycoprotein analysis platforms to provide a series of glycoprotein analysis services. We are glad to offer the largest and most diverse portfolio of glycoprotein products or services based on the values of quality, timing, and price. We will be the best partner in your glycoprotein project to help you get milestone success.

Glycoprotein Analysis Is Necessary for Therapeutics Development

Glycoproteins have increasing applications in therapeutics, such as plasminogen activator for the treatment of myocardial infarction and strokes, erythropoietin for anemia and various monoclonal antibody-based treatments for cancer. Protein N- and O-glycosylation is perhaps the most crucial and immensely complex posttranslational modification that proteins undergo, and its characterization remains to be a great challenge. Glycosylation site analysis, corresponding glycoprotein type analysis and glycoprotein quantification have become a regular study in glycosylation engineering. Glycoprotein analysis is beneficial for the assignment of distinct functional properties to defined structural features, especially on the respective carbohydrate moieties.

A schematic overview of systematic characterization of glycoproteins Fig.1 A schematic overview of systematic characterization of glycoproteins (Ruiz-May, 2012).

To support researchers in glycoprotein engineering, we provide a series of technologies for glycoprotein analysis, including but not limited to lectin microarray, mass spectrometry (MS), liquid chromatography (LC) technology, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), to analyze glycoprotein structure, perform glycoprotein detection and test glycoprotein quantification.

  • Glycoprotein Detection
  • Effective enrichment and highly sensitive detection of glycoproteins from serum can significantly reduce sample complexity in proteomics studies. The biological importance of glycoproteins has only partially translated into multiple detection reagents and kits. There are some basic options commonly used in glycoprotein detection, such as glycan-specific gel stains, enzyme/antibody-based affinity western blotting, etc.

  • Glycoprotein Structure Analysis
  • A protein may contain multiple glycan forms in several locations, which can be assembled from a variety of monomer subunits and form complex branching structures because of their multiple linking positions. So, it is important to obtain a detailed glycan compositional and structural profile from purified glycoproteins or protein mixtures, which usually determine their structure and functions. We can provide the most diverse portfolio of glycoprotein structure analysis service, mainly including glycan profiling, glycomic profiling, glycosylation site mapping, and glycan sequencing.

  • Glycoprotein Quantification
  • Quantitative proteome profiling of protein-borne oligosaccharides has become increasingly important both in the basic researches of biochemistry and glycobiology and in the applicative sciences, particularly biomedicine and biotechnology. But the substoichiometric relation between glycosylation and the protein constitutes a further challenge in glycoprotein quantification. Now, several efficient methods have been developed for glycoprotein quantification, such as lectin associated chemical or biological assays, which are the simplest methods.

Features of our Technologies

  • Specificity and veracity
  • High sensitivity
  • Stability and consistency
  • Low-cost
  • Best after-sale service

Working with Us to Promote Your Success!

Analyzing the structure and quantification of the glycoprotein is beneficial for the exploration of potential therapeutic targets, which will help the development of therapeutics for many diseases, especially deadliest disease. With decades of experience, Creative Biolabs has successfully completed a lot of therapeutic glycoprotein projects. We are committed to applying the highest ethical standards to our products, services, and communications. Our off-the-shelf product portfolio and services can help you get landmark development. We can customize our offering to meet your specific project needs. If you are interested, please contact us without hesitation.


  1. Ruiz-May, E.; et al. Analytical technologies for identification and characterization of the plant N-glycoproteome. Front Plant Sci. 2012, 3:150.
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