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Glycoproteins are extremely important to a variety of biological processes, but glycoproteins analysis is a big challenge because of the low abundance and heterogeneity of glycans. As a forward-looking company as well as a leading customer service provider, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed versatile glycoprotein analysis platforms to provide the largest and most diverse portfolio of glycoprotein products or services. Glycoprotein structure analysis helps us win a good reputation among our worldwide customers in the glycoprotein engineering. We are glad to work with you in your glycoprotein project to help you get milestone success.

Background of Glycoprotein Structure Analysis

Glycosylation is a fundamental modification of proteins, which plays an important role in many physiological and pathological processes, including protein folding and trafficking, cell-cell and cell-matrix interaction, cellular differentiation, fertilization, immune response, the initiation and metastasis of tumors. Thus, the analysis of glycoproteins structure allows characterization of important biological molecules, including antibodies, vaccines, enzymes, etc. What's more, glycoprotein structure analysis would be of great diagnostic and clinical importance. Carbohydrate chains or glycans attached to the peptide backbone are extremely diverse and complex, moreover, one typical feature of glycosylation is the presence at a single site of any one of a number of glycan structures. All of these properties make it a great challenge for analytical structural studies of glycoproteins.

In addition to the extreme structural diversity and complexity of glycan structures, one feature of protein glycosylation is the presence at a single site of any one of a number of glycan structures. This property gives rise to an extremely heterogeneous population of glycoproteins, termed glycoforms. The complexity of the glycan structures, the multiple substitutions (microheterogeneity) at glycosylation sites, and the structural diversity associated with the protein backbone itself represent an enormous task for analytical structural studies.

What Can We Provide?

Aided by a series of glycoprotein analysis platforms, we can provide glycan profiling, glycomic profiling, glycosylation site mapping, and glycan sequencing service. Our advanced and diversified technologies can meet your specific needs precisely.

  • Glycan Sequencing
  • Glycan sequencing is usually performed by the sequential enzymatic N-glycan and chemical O-glycan release from glycopeptides with intervening solid phase extraction and derivatization, which is a powerful technique in determining the sequence and structure of glycans.

Glycoprotein structure analysis. Fig.1 Glycoprotein structure analysis.

Features of our Technologies

  • Specificity and veracity
  • High sensitivity
  • Stability and consistency
  • Low-cost
  • Best after-sale service

Working with Us to Promote Your Success!

Glycoprotein structure analysis has become a regular study in glycosylation engineering, which is beneficial for the assignment of distinct functional properties to defined structural features. With decades of experience, Creative Biolabs has successfully completed a lot of therapeutic glycoprotein projects. We can offer a whole set of glycoprotein structure analysis service to help you get landmark development. We can also customize our offering to meet your specific project needs. If you are interested, please contact us without hesitation.

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