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With high-quality isotope labeling specialists, Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive isotope labeling service. Our scientists have accumulated extensive experience in different types of isotope labeling technologies. All our efforts are only to meet customers' specific demands.

Introduction of Isotope Labeling

Isotope labeling is a kind of popular technique used to track the target molecule by a metabolic pathway, a reaction, or a cell. The principle of tracking the passage of an isotope is to replace the specific atoms of the target molecule by their isotope because the difference between the isotope and the original atoms is relatively easily detective in the following experiment. Thus the sequence the isotopic atom followed in the reaction or the cell's metabolic pathway can be determined by the position of the isotopes in products. The nuclides used in isotopic labeling may be stable nuclides or radionuclides. In the latter case, the labeling is called radiolabeling.

Application of Isotope Labeling in Glycoproteomics

Identification of glycosylated proteins requires that they are separated, either physically or spectrometrically, from complex mixtures that contain both unglycosylated and heterogeneously glycosylated proteins. In newer methods, labels can be introduced either by the exploitation of glycoprotein-specific reactions or by using the cell’s biosynthetic machinery. After chemical tagging, covalent modification with a highly selective probe enables glycoprotein isolation, which can be followed by mass spectrometry analysis. Isotope-labeled glycoproteins can be identified and quantified by their mass spectrometry signatures. Currently, the most effective strategies for glycoprotein identification combine these methods, using chemical tagging for isolation and isotope tagging for mass spectrometry analysis.

Representation of tetraplex tags and experimental flow chart and synthesized compounds indicating potential sites for isotopic modification.Fig.1 Representation of tetraplex tags and experimental flow chart and synthesized compounds indicating potential sites for isotopic modification. (Bowman, 2007)

Isotope Labeling Service at Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has extensive experience and a team of isotope labeling technical specialists. To meet the detailed demands of customers, we offer various types of isotope labeling services which including but not limited to segmental labeling, segmental labeling, amino-acid selective labeling, and uniform labeling. Except for regular isotope labeling service, Creative Biolabs also provides high-quality carbohydrate isotope labeling service. To make your program a success, our scientists will work closely with you and make the best plan.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Comprehensive technology platform: Creative Biolabs is proficient at all types of isotope labeling services.
  • High-quality glycan specialists: Creative Biolabs has a dedicated team of glycan experts to deal with complex carbohydrate research.
  • Customers-first: Creative Biolabs will forever provide customers cost-effective and perfect after-sales service.

Creative Biolabs is a forward-looking company that has years of experience in isotope labeling service. Our platform provides various options, from which you can always find the best match for your particular research. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


  1. Bowman, M.J.; Zaia, J. Tags for the stable isotopic labeling of carbohydrates and quantitative analysis by mass spectrometry. Analytical chemistry. 2007, 79(15): 5777-84.
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