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Lectin microarray is a useful approach for glycan profiling of the therapeutic proteins. With the years of experience in employing lectin microarray for glycan profiling, Creative Biolabs is confident to provide the most comprehensive glycan profiling service for our global clients with the highest quality and the most competitive price.

Technical Principle of Lectin Microarray

Lectin microarray is a sensitive and high-throughput technology for glycan profiling. Lectins are a group of glycan-binding proteins (GBPs) that can selectively interact with glycan molecules. In the design of lectin microarrays, the specified lectins are immobilized onto a chemically (e.g., epoxy, NHS ester) or biologically (e.g., streptavidin) activated solid phase. When a glycoprotein is incubated with the lectin chip, it will bind to the specific lectin and the binding events detected at specific lectin spots provide images of possible glycan variants in the sample. Lectin microarray has been widely used to assess glycan variants of purified glycoproteins and it is also an effective tool for glycan profiling of a therapeutic monoclonal antibody.

Schematic representation of glycan profiling of iPSCs and ESCs using the lectin microarray Fig.1 Schematic representation of glycan profiling of iPSCs and ESCs using the lectin microarray (Hirabayashi, 2013).

Lectin Microarray for Glycoprotein Analysis Services in Creative Biolabs

As one of the leading companies in the glycoprotein analysis field, Creative Biolabs has over years of experience in glycosylation study. Based on the high throughput and sensitive lectin microarray platform, we can offer the comprehensive analysis services of Glycan Profiling for our customers. Besides, we also provide custom glycosylation analysis services based on lectin microarray assays, such as the rapid characterization of glycosylation in proteins, antibodies, hormones, and other glycoconjugates.

Advantages of Lectin Microarray for Glycoprotein Analysis

Compared to the MS-based approach, lectin microarray directly works on intact glycoproteins and has little effect on a testing sample (e.g., fluorescent labeling). Besides, when the lectin microarray approach is coupled with a sensitive detection system, it appears to offer high throughput and rapid screening of glycan profiling of therapeutic proteins.

Applications of Lectin Microarray

  • Rapid analysis of glycosylation profiles of glycoproteins and glycoform characterization.
  • Quantitative analysis of lectin-glycoprotein interactions.
  • Quality control of various glycoprotein products such as antibody drugs.
  • Profiling of bacterial cell-surface glycans and the mammalian cell-surface glycome.

Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in glycoprotein analysis. We have equipped a skilled expert team and a powerful technical platform, allowing us to provide high-quality glycoprotein analysis service. Based on lectin microarray, we can offer the most comprehensive glycan profiling and characterization of glycosylation in proteins. If you are interested in our glycoprotein analysis services using lectin microarray, please feel free to contact us for more details.


  1. Hirabayashi, J.; et al. Lectin microarrays: concept, principle and applications. Chemical Society Reviews. 2013, 42(10):4443-4458.
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