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With years of experience in the field of glycoprotein analysis, Creative Biolabs is able to offer a wide range of glycoprotein analysis services for customers all over the world. LC-ESI-MS is a sensitive analytical technique that has been widely used for glycoform profiling at the level of glycopeptides. Based on this technique, we can offer the most comprehensive information of protein glycosylation site(s) and occupancy of glycopeptide/glycoprotein.

Glycoproteins Analysis Based on LC-ESI-MS

LC-ESI-MS is a hyphenated mass spectrometry technique. This method combines the resolution of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) separation with the high mass accuracy of the mass spectrometer. Therefore, it is used for the determination of intact protein mass or for in-depth analysis of protein or peptide mixtures. Through the coupling with HPLC, the detected characteristics can be quantified by ultraviolet light or MS signal intensity. Moreover, this method has been used for glycoform profiling of more complex therapeutic proteins, such as erythropoietin with one O- and 3 N-glycosylation sites. In the analysis of N-glycoproteins, N-glycoproteins are enriched using hydrazide chemistry and lectin capture to remove nonglycoproteins, following digested by trypsin and PNGase F treatment. Then the generated glycopeptides or deglycosylation peptides or nonglycosylation peptides are identified and quantified by LC-ESI-MS/MS. The protein glycosylation site(s) and occupancy of glycopeptide can be achieved by this method. Furthermore, ESI-MS is a very important tool for glycoform profiling at the glycopeptide level. Importantly, prior to MS analysis, it is usually required to enrich glycopeptides by HPLC to overcome ion suppression of glycopeptide signals by regular peptide signals. Recently, LC-ESI-CID-MS/MS has been widely applied to glycan sequencing, and it shows improved speed and sensitivity.

A schematic overview of LC-ESI-MS. Fig. 1 A schematic overview of LC-ESI-MS.

LC-ESI-MS Analysis Services

Creative Biolabs has focused on the glycoprotein analysis for many years. Based on our advanced techniques, we are capable to offer a full range of glycoprotein analysis services for clients all over the world. LC-ESI-MS is our innovative and excellent platform that has been widely used for Glycomic Profiling. Based on LC-ESI-MS technology, we are able to offer the best glycomic profiling service. Besides, our experienced experts also provide a wide range of supports, including analytical method development, method validation, method transfer, and stability testing.

Features of Our Services

  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • Long-standing experience
  • High quality and low-cost services
  • Sensitive and high-flux technique platforms
  • Comprehensive technical guidance
  • Accurate and comprehensive analysis data

Equipped with the versatile technology platform and experienced expert team, Creative Biolabs is confident in providing the most comprehensive glycoprotein analysis services for global clients at a competitive price. Besides, we offer custom glycoprotein analysis services based on customers’ requirements. If you are interested in our LC-ESI-MS analysis services, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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