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Luteinizing hormone is a critical hormone in both females and males. Both excess and deficiency of luteinizing hormone lead to disease states. As a world-leading service provider of biological research, Creative Biolabs has earned great progress in glycoprotein profiling, including ovine luteinizing hormone alpha-subunit (oLHalpha) glycoprotein profiling. Based on extensive experience and professional staff, we have the capability to provide high-quality glycoprotein profiling service to global customers at the most competitive price.

Background of oLHalpha Glycoprotein

oLHalpha glycoprotein or lutropin is an ovine luteinizing hormone secreted by gonadotropic cells of the anterior pituitary gland. As a heterodimeric glycoprotein, luteinizing hormone contains 2 glycopeptidic subunits, which are non-covalently binding to the protein and result in alpha and beta subunits. Luteinizing hormone is a critical glycoprotein of vertebrate reproductive function in no matter females or males, which acts as a transporter transmitting integrated central information from the hypothalamic-pituitary complex toward gonads. Furtherly, luteinizing hormone affects ovulation, development of corpus luteum and secretion of progesterone in females, stimulates the production of testosterone in males.

In human, luteinizing is an important hormone in the reproductive system. Improper levels might be indicative of situations where the normal restricting feedback from the gonad is abnormal. Persistently exceed levels of the luteinizing hormone may be signs of polycystic ovary syndrome, Turner syndrome, testicular failure, etc. while, low levels result in failure of gonadal function as Pasqualino syndrome, hypopituitarism, hyperprolactinemia and so on. Therefore, luteinizing hormone can be a potential glycoprotein biomarker for clinical diagnosis.

Structure of luteinizing hormone Fig.1 Structure of luteinizing hormone (Leão, 2014).

oLHalpha Glycoprotein Profiling

oLHalpha glycoprotein once has been chosen as an ideal example protein for glycoproteins profiling research which mainly due to its biological relevance and extreme microheterogeneity. However, available data or presented literature about luteinizing hormone are still limited. As a leading customer service provider, Creative Biolabs has been engaged in glycoprotein profiling researches for several years. We can provide our customers with a comprehensive oLHalpha glycoprotein profiling based on our professional team and powerful Technology platforms.

Mass spectra of oLHalpha glycopeptides on the Q-TOF Fig.2 Mass spectra of oLHalpha glycopeptides on the Q-TOF (Jiang, 2004).

In terms of glycoprotein profiling research, Creative Biolabs has gained a good reputation, significant knowledge, and rich experience. We have successfully developed a full range of highly specialized platforms in glycoprotein profiling to meet every unique requirement from global clients. If you are interested in our glycoprotein profiling service, just feel free to contact us for more detailed information.


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