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Plasma glycoprotein profiling is one of the main resources for the identification of glycoprotein biomarkers. As a leading custom service provider, Creative Biolabs has accumulated years of experience in glycoprotein profiling. Based on our first-in-class technology platforms and professional teams, we are proud to share our extensive experience with our customers all over the world in plasma glycoprotein profiling. We can offer high-quality customized services by adjusting protocols to meet even the most specific requirements.

Background of Plasma Glycoprotein

In human, plasma glycoprotein is a class of proteins isolated from plasma with oligosaccharide side chain comprised of galactose and mannose. Oligosaccharides binding to the proteins with covalent bond forms the plasma glycoprotein, which accounts for the majority of plasma proteins. Representative plasma glycoproteins include albumin, fibrinogen, embryo globulin, antiproteases, immunoglobulins, etc. Plasma glycoprotein functions mainly through acting as an antibody, a transporter, an enzyme even a glycoprotein biomarker in various biological processes. Abnormal alteration of plasma glycoprotein is considered to be very important in the pathogenesis or clinical evaluation of many diseases.

Plasma Glycoprotein Profiling in Creative Biolabs

Several studies have demonstrated that identification and validation of plasma glycoproteins with altered glycosylation can give insight into critical events in cancer progression, even can serve as potential glycoprotein biomarkers for cancers or other diseases detection. Although plasma glycoprotein plays a significant role in diverse physiological activities, researches and literature about plasma glycoprotein profiling are limited. There are still lots of challenges both in animal models and clinical disease on plasma glycoprotein research are needed to be overcome.

Plasma glycoproteins with aberrant glycosylation are mainly performed by LC-MS based on proteomics. Creative Biolabs can provide our customers with a perfect plasma glycoprotein profiling based on our professional team and powerful technology platform.

MALDI-TOF spectra of N-linked glycans from total plasma glycoproteins Fig.1 MALDI-TOF spectra of N-linked glycans from total plasma glycoproteins (Liu, 2012).

Why Chose Us for Your Plasma Glycoprotein Profiling Research?

  • Advanced and powerful technology platform based on glycomics
  • Ph.D. level scientists and professional teams specialized in glycoprotein profiling research
  • Rapid and high-quality solutions and services
  • Perfect after-sale service system based on years of plasma glycoprotein profiling research

Equipped with world-leading technology platforms and professional scientific staff in glycoprotein profiling, Creative Biolabs has gained much reputation and extensive experience in plasma glycoprotein profiling. We can help our customers to improve their programs by providing optimized strategies and a full range of services. If you are interested in our plasma glycoproteins profiling service, please just feel free to contact us for more information and a detailed quote.


  1. Liu, Y.; et al. N- and O-linked glycosylation of total plasma glycoproteins in galactosemia. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism. 2012, 106(4): 442-454.
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