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With the years of experience in the field of glycoprotein analysis, Creative Biolabs has become a world-leading custom service provider offering a full range of glycoprotein analysis services for global customers. With high-analytical sensitivity and high resolution, UHPLC/FLD/Q-TOF has been employed by our professional experts to characterize N-Glycan Profiling of a monoclonal antibody (mAb).

Glycoproteins Analysis Based on UHPLC/FLD/Q-TOF

In general, glycosylation analysis of a mAb is conducted by enzymatic deglycosylation using N-Glycosidase F (PNGase F) to cleave asparagine-linked oligosaccharides from the antibody. Then the released glycans are derivatized, fluorescently labeled, and separated using UHPLC method. An FLD is a sensitive tool for providing sensitive and quantitative analysis of the labeled glycans. However, HPLC-FLD method does not always offer positive identification of all the glycan isoforms. While Q-TOF is known to have a larger mass range and higher resolution, so lower false-positive rates. Q-TOF MS is used to definitively identify all glycan isoforms with accurate mass information. As a consequence, UHPLC/FLD/Q-TOF MS is a powerful platform for quantitative and qualitative profiling of N-glycans associated with mAbs, including minor glycoforms.

UHPLC/FLD/Q-TOF Analysis Services in Creative Biolabs

UHPLC/FLD/Q-TOF is our innovative platform that is a high-resolution and high-sensitivity analytical method for N-Glycan Profiling of mAbs. The FLD chromatogram offers quantitation and displays some of the minor glycan peaks. The Q-TOF MS data provides accurate mass information and chromatographic retention time, both of which can be used for glycan identification.

Key Advantages of UHPLC/FLD/Q-TOF

  • Good N-glycans release from therapeutic glycoproteins
  • Sensitive and quantitative analysis of the labeled glycans
  • High-confidence identification of even minor glycoforms and isoforms
  • A wider mass range and higher resolution as well as lower false-positive rates

Features of Our Services

  • High-sensitivity and high-resolution analytical platform - UHPLC/FLD/Q-TOF is the innovative technique that applied for glycan analysis.
  • Expert staff with extensive experience - help you design the optimal protocol for glycoprotein analysis
  • A full range of technical guidance - our experts provide real-time technical trace
  • High-quality and low-cost services - we provide accurate and rapid analysis data

Excellent experts in Creative Biolabs have engaged in glycoproteins analysis research for many years, and they have accumulated extensive experienced in glycoproteins analysis. We are very confident to offer a full range of high-quality glycoproteins based on our advanced technique platform. If you are interested in our UHPLC/FLD/Q-TOF analysis services, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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