Human Antibody Discovery via DNA Immunization

Creative Biolabs is proud to offer fully human monoclonal antibodies discovery services using the high-efficient DNA immunization strategy. Based on the powerful techniques we have already established, including the gene gun, in vivo electroporation, and our unique Magic™ DNA immunization system, Creative Biolabs offers a range of human monoclonal antibodies discovery services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

DNA Immunization Approach

DNA immunization is a useful tool in antibody production against problematic antigens and membrane proteins. It’s a powerful approach to produce strong excitement based on the overall simplicity of using DNA plasmids to deliver immunogens. DNA immunization provides a novel and efficient method for the production of high-quality monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against a number of pathogens. Unlike commonly protein-based immunization methods, this approach is highly efficient for testing novel immunogen designs. One remarkable advantage of this approach is the omission of production or purification of proteins from a pathogen or the use of recombinant protein technology. Meanwhile, DNA immunization is available to produce mAbs against conformation-sensitive targets. In addition, due to its attractive feature that immunogens are generated in vivo, making them available to cause T-cell immune responses via endogenous antigen processing and presentation pathways. Thus, DNA immunization is also extensively applied to the development of DNA vaccines.

Human monoclonal antibodies design and synthesis. Part A shows the design and application of the rationally designed scFv library. After ribosome display and enrichment for antigen binding clones, library recovery enables to be performed. Part B and C show the model-defining parameters for the L3 HMM. Part D shows the overview of the scFv ribosome display vector and library assembly strategy.
Fig.1 Human monoclonal antibodies design and synthesis. (Larman, H. B., 2012)

Human Antibody Discovery via DNA Immunization

Antibody therapeutics is one of the emerging drug classes and takes advantage of the endogenous immune system for the development of new therapeutics. With years of experience, Creative Biolabs has developed the advanced DNA immunization strategies for the human antibody discovery. To avoid the serious ethical issues of human immunization, our scientists can immunize humanized mice with the target DNA plasmid to induce immune responses. Then high affinity human antibodies can be selected by the established human antibody library or hybridoma technology. In this way, high affinity human antibodies against the in vivo expressed immunogens can be obtained.

Recently, great advancement has been made in the application of DNA immunization in human mAbs development. Based on our advanced DNA immunization strategy and well-developed platforms, Creative Biolabs is confident in proving high-affinity human mAbs against a variety of antigens, especially for those unable or difficult to purify, such as membrane proteins. With the provided sequencing information, our experienced scientists could provide one-stop service from gene synthesis and plasmid formulation to immunization, and then generate high quality human antibodies. The following are some featured advantages of antibody discovery by DNA Immunization:

Creative Biolabs is an undisputed leader in the use of transgenic organisms for the production of fully human monoclonal antibodies, we can assist in promoting the development of your human, therapeutic antibodies with the high-efficient DNA immunization technology.

In addition to the human antibody discovery services, Creative Biolabs can also provide other customized services via DNA immunization, such as:


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