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Hybrid Protein Generation for Substrate Specificity Study

Creative Biolabs has long-time devoted to protein engineering research and provides custom protein engineering service for global customers. Using our advanced techniques, we offer high-quality hybrid proteins generation for protein substrate specificity research.

Importance of substrate specificity

Specificity is the ability of an enzyme to choose exact substrate from a group of similar chemical molecules. Almost all enzymes are specialized proteins with specific structural conformations and most enzymes are highly selective to the nature of the substrate they bind to. Substrate specificity is also named as absolute specificity. It is one of the essential distinctive features of enzymes. Enzymes showing substrate specificity are specific only to one substrate or one reaction (Fig.1). There are several enzymes that have the varying extent of substrate specificity. For instance, enzyme lactase can only hydrolyze the β-1-4 glycosidic bond of lactose to yield galactose and glucose.

Hybrid Protein Generation for Substrate Specificity Study Fig.1 Substrate specificity of enzymes.

Hybrid Protein Generation for Substrate Specificity Study

Hybrid protein is a powerful tool for the understanding of the structure-function relationships of enzymatic catalysis. The study of hybrid proteins or enzymes, such as certain subunits or domains plays important roles in dictating substrate specificity, catalytic activity, and stability. There has proved that hybrid proteins are important in studying the determinants of substrate selectivity.

With advanced technologies and rich experiences in protein engineering, Creative Biolabs offers various and custom hybrid protein generation service, which have wide applications in protein or enzymes research. We have revealed the enzyme substrate specificity to facilitate our customer’s project and meet customer’s requirements. We are confident in providing the services with lower cost and better quality.

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