Antibody and Protein Pharmacology

As an experienced end-to-end CRO in the field of cancer immunotherapy discovery and development, Creative Biolabs is fully competent and dedicated to providing a comprehensive set of standalone or integrated services to support preclinical testing, including pharmacology, toxicology as well as efficacy models.


Pharmacology is a key component concerned with the study of drug action in animal models which is essential and determinant to IND approval and ultimate NDA approval for a drug candidate. To support cancer therapy, the immunotherapeutic drugs can be broadly classified as small chemical molecules, viruses, therapeutic engineered immune cells, cytokines, antibodies which exert obvious suppressive or eliminating roles for tumors. The pharmacology studies during preclinical testing focus on biochemical or physiological effects on tested animal models.

Fig.1 Integrated services for preclinical testing.

Our Immuno-Oncology Pharmacology Services

Creative Biolabs is an end-to-end drug discovery and development CRO with decades of experience in conducting non-GLP and GLP integrated pharmacology solutions according to the needs of our clients to evaluate the pharmacological effects of drug candidates. In addition, our experienced technicians operate with strong theoretical basis to be your best partner for developing, validating, conducting, analyzing animal models and pharmacology data. We offer the flexible services for custom development of various types of cancer animal models to meet the requirements of our clients in numerous oncology areas. Our service portfolio includes drug characterization, dermal absorption, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, toxicokinetic, safety pharmacology.

Fig.2 Integrated pharmacology services.

Our Immuno-Oncology Models

To support a wide range of cancers and corresponding immunotherapies, we provide the following immuno-oncology models to evaluate the drug characterization and safety profiles. If your target disease can’t be developed in these models, please contact us for custom services.

  • ✔ Immunodeficient animal models
  • ✔ Nude models
  • ✔ Severe combined immunodeficiency models (SCID)
  • ✔ Immunocompetent models
  • ✔ Cryopreserved oncology models

Our Animal Models

To enable greater prediction of success in the clinics, we provide the animal models including non-human primates, dogs, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs and others in our services. We also offer a wide range of animal models.

  • ✔ Syngeneic Models
  • ✔ Humanized Models
  • ✔ Cell Line Derived Xenografted Models
  • ✔ Patient Derived Xenografted Models
  • ✔ Patient Derived Organoid Model

Why Choose Creative Biolabs

  • ✔ Senior scientists with cumulative years of extensive therapeutic expertise;
  • ✔ Integrated pharmacology capabilities to maximize the success of your studies;
  • ✔ Model and assay development and validation across a wide range of cancer immunological therapeutic areas.

Creative Biolabs is dedicated to offering the in vivo pharmacological assays which can assist in selecting the optimal drug candidates for further clinical development. We are committed to complying with ICH guidelines to meet regulatory requirements to facilitate the future IND enabling. Please feel free to contact us for a deep conversation.

For lab research only, cannot be used for any clinical use.

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