Antibody Engineering

As a leading service provider focusing on therapeutic antibody discovery and development, Creative Biolabs has developed a comprehensive end-to-end service portfolio including antibody discovery, antibody engineering, production, characterization, bioassays, in vivo testing, development etc. We are dedicated to accelerating your therapeutic antibody development program to help you win the race in novel cancer immunotherapy.

Accelerated & Innovative Therapeutic Antibody Engineering

Leverage the expertise of our experienced scientists to expedite your therapeutic antibody engineering.

As a fast-developing and popular drug type, therapeutic antibodies especially monoclonal antibodies have attracted attention of researchers and pharmaceutical industries. Creative Biolabs is dedicated to the antibody engineering field for decades and establishing a series of platforms including various antibody engineering services. A wide range of formats are available for antibody engineering including IgG, Fab, scFv, CARs, bispecific antibody, etc. for therapeutic use.

Fig.1 Various antibody engineering formats.

Our Antibody Engineering Services

As a leading supplier of antibody engineering for immunotherapy and tumor research, our antibody engineering team provides independent and comprehensive service portfolio including antibody reformatting and production, epitope binning and mapping, antibody humanization, affinity maturation, affinity measurement, sequence liability identification, immunogenicity prediction, therapeutic developability assessment and other antibody specialization and modification services. For detailed information about our antibody engineering services, please visit the following modules. If you are interested in any other specific requirements, please feel free to contact us to tailor a custom service for you.

Antibody Reformatting and Production

We offer a variety of different formats including Fab, F(ab)’2, scFv, VHH, minibodies, and bispecific antibodies...

Epitope Binning and Mapping

We offer epitope binning and mapping services to identify the epitope of an antibody, elucidate the mechanism of binding for an antibody, and strengthen intellectual property.

Antibody Humanization

We offer a variety of methods and toolkits used in the antibody humanization process...

Affinity Maturation

We offer antibody affinity maturation service that combines molecular evolution and high-throughput phage library construction and screening.

Affinity Measurement

We offer affinity measurement service to determine the kinetic properties of antibody-antigen interactions...

Sequence Liability Identification

We offer sequence liability identification service to help you select the liability free antibodies for further development and reduce your cost by foreseeing potential quality risks...

Immunogenicity Prediction

We offer Sensitive Immunogenicity Assessment Technology (SIAT) to perform in vitro screening, in vivo screening and in silico assessment...

herapeutic Developability Assessment

We offer therapeutic developability assessment service to evaluate the promising candidates’ drug-like manufacturability, physicochemical properties, and safety profiles...


  • ✔ Rich experience and expertise in antibody engineering field,
  • ✔ Guaranteed quality to ensure high affinity, specificity, etc.,
  • ✔ Strategy diversity to meet your specific requirements,
  • ✔ State-of-the-art equipment and platforms.

With extensive experience, rich industry knowledge and advanced antibody engineering technologies, Creative Biolabs is exactly competent in a full spectrum of engineering services. We are confident in accomplishing even the most challenging engineering project with quick turnaround time. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us to lean how we can help you with your project.

For lab research only, cannot be used for any clinical use.

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