As an experienced antibody solution provider, Creative Biolabs has emerged to be an excellent CRO that enables cutting-edge technologies and satisfied services. We have established a powerful end-to-end service package for therapeutic antibody and protein product including antibody discovery, antibody engineering, production, biologics testing, development etc.


Therapeutic antibodies especially monoclonal antibodies are currently very fast-developing and popular drug types which mobilize the endogenous immune system to fight cancer. Given the increasing focus on personalized medical treatment, biologics especially therapeutic proteins have established a strong foothold in the pharmaceutical industry. Because of several beneficial features including high specificity, favorable safety profile, antibody based pharmacological biologics presently represent the largest class of promising drugs. In the early stage of therapeutic antibody discovery, selection of the targets and acquisition of antibodies are very important. Our scientists and technicians are dedicated to making more efforts to help our clients win the race in therapeutic antibody discovery stage.

Our Discovery Services

To facilitate therapeutic antibody drug discovery, Creative Biolabs has developed a comprehensive set of services. We have established an advanced technology platform of antigen design, antigen preparation, antibody preparation, and antibody screening and identification. In addition, we have an optimized mouse hybridoma technology platform, high-throughput antibody screening and sequencing platform, monoclonal antibody technology platform and high-throughput antibody production technology platform. With extensive experience, we are committed to being your good partner for therapeutic antibody discovery. We are confident in this commitment since we have successfully delivered tens of thousands of projects and we are capable of ample practical experience.

For detailed information about our specialized antibody discovery services, please visit the following modules. Any other specific requirements, please feel free to contact us to learn more.


  • ✔ Fully end-to-end solution provider,
  • ✔ Reduce development costs and timeline,
  • ✔ Collaboration across scientists and regulatory experts,
  • ✔ De-risk your pipeline before problems arise in development process

With rich experience in providing biological services, Creative Biolabs is committed to being excellent in biologics discovery and development. Our past achievements bring our technologies and wisdom in understanding biological products, such as monoclonal antibodies, therapeutic proteins. For more detailed information and quote, please feel free to contact us for deep communication.

For lab research only, cannot be used for any clinical use.

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