T Cell Receptor (TCR) T Cell Therapy

T Cell Receptor(TCR) T Cell TherapyAided by vast expertise and state-of-the-art technical platforms, Creative Biolabs supports the discovery of cellular and gene therapies through a strategy and consultation-based approach with careful considerations given to inquiry and regulatory concerns. Our multidisciplinary team will offer flexible solutions for your cellular or gene product, including T Cell Receptor (TCR) T cell therapy, Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cell therapy, Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) macrophage cell therapy, Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) NK cell therapy.

TCR-T Cell Therapy Starts From Inside the Cell

“We ensure careful consideration for the development of TCR-T therapy product to achieve efficient execution and regulatory approval.”

Different from the CAR technology which can be utilized to only recognize antigens expressed on tumor cell surface, TCR technology can recognize tumor specific antigens inside of tumor cells. After the tumor associated proteins are broken into small specific antigen, they will be presented to cell surface by major histocompatibility complex (MHC). Engineered TCR will be able to recognize the tumor specific antigen in an MHC dependent manner (see Fig.1).

Structural components of TCR (left) and gene modified T cell therapy(right). (Harris, 2016; Garber, 2018)Fig.1 Structural components of TCR (left) and gene modified T cell therapy(right). (Harris, 2016; Garber, 2018)

TCR-T Cell Therapy Services

“We are dedicated to accelerating your TCR-T therapy product via a series of innovative and advanced platforms.”

To develop TCR-T based approaches, Creative Biolabs offers an end-to-end integrated solution (see Fig.2) to cover all your needs for TCR-T product discovery and development. You can start at any module to fit your projects. Our engineering services are focused on both αβ T cell and γδ T cell derived from both patients and normal populations.

Process of TCR-engineered T cell therapy.Fig.2 Process of TCR-engineered T cell therapy. (Ping, 2018)

Tumor-specific TCR Identification

TCR for any tumor antigen can be identified and generated using the TCR-T platform within Creative Biolabs, based on extensive experience obtained in more than 10 years. Our comprehensive portfolio of various TCRs is capable of treating wide range of patients’ populations suffering from different types of cancer.

Tumor-specific TCR Generation & Optimization

As a key step of TCR-T development, TCR generation can be developed and optimized via various platforms including patients’ TIL, phage display, other in vivo systems. Upon TCR generation completed, we offer tailored optimization services including affinity optimization and affinity maturation to help you get a better TCR used for further design and construction step.

TCR Design & Construction

We can tailor the TCR design and construction service for our clients to fit your specific needs.

TCR-T Preparation

With professional TCR transfection technologies including electroporation, as well as cell transduction though adenovirus, lentivirus retroviral, etc., we offer TCR gene packaging and delivery services for TCR-T cell generation. To facilitate this cutting-edge genetically modified immunotherapy, we provide a series of engineering services, such as cell activation, expansion, etc. to help you prepare the therapeutic TCR-T product for in vitro validation and in vivo testing.

TCR-T In Vitro Validation

For generated TCR-T product, a wide range of in vitro assays can be utilized to evaluate the efficiency of TCR-T product, including TCR validation assay, cytokine release assay, cytotoxicity assay, TCR specificity assay, etc.

TCR-T In Vivo Testing

Once in vitro validation assays are completed, we offer a series of in vivo testing systems to evaluate the TCR-T product, including animal models, cell trafficking, migration, proliferation, biodistribution, efficacy test, toxicology assessment, etc.

End-to-end TCR-T Integrated Solutions.Fig.3 End-to-end TCR-T Integrated Solutions.


Creative Biolabs is committed to being your reliable partner for TCR-T therapy solutions, and tailoring the utmost efficient solutions to accelerate your project progress and lead innovation. Our unique TCR-T platform ensure a great asset to provide you with less risky, more appropriate strategies and guarantees. Please contact us to learn how can we be involved in your project.


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