SIAT® Immunogenicity Assay for Preclinical Study

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Introduction to Immunogenicity Assay for Preclinical Study

Previous studies have demonstrated that the immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins can affect the efficacy of relevant antibodies, leading to high-cost production and serious adverse effects in clinical use. In recent studies, many attempts have been made to assess the immunogenicity of potential drugs during the early phase of discovery. A wide variety of assays have been developed for analyzing the safety of candidate drugs and reducing the production of side effects. Among them, in silico, in vitro, and in vivo models are commonly used to predict the immunogenicity, to reveal immunogenic properties, as well as to decrease the immunogenicity. For instance, in silico models have been generated based on predicting the binding of peptides to MHC molecules. In vitro models are designed to predict the neoepitopes, CD4+ T cell epitopes and the effect on T or B cell activation. Meanwhile, a number of scientists are pioneering studies of “de-immunization methods” to reduce the immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins in animal models. HLA transgenic mouse models have been considered as a perfect model to evaluate the effect of epitope modification on the blocking of HLA binding.

SIAT® Immunogenicity Assay for Preclinical Study. Fig.1 SIAT® Immunogenicity Assay for Preclinical Study.

The SIAT® Immunogenicity Assay for Preclinical Study

Immunogenicity can be a major issue in the development of successful protein drugs. Pilot studies suggest that anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) caused by immunogenicity may influence the therapeutic function and lead to side effects in patients. As a result, immunogenicity assessment during preclinical development is critical to developing therapeutic proteins with high safety. Creative Biolabs provides a wide collection of SIAT® immunogenicity assays to predict the immunogenicity of therapeutic candidate drugs, including but not limited to:

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