Immunospot Array Assay on a Chip (ISAAC) for Single Cell Isolation

Based on the comprehensive antibody discovery platforms, Creative Biolabs has successfully offered native mAbs of high specificity and high affinity for our customers. Immunospot array assay on a chip, also known as ISAAC, is a rapid and high-throughput system for detecting, retrieving and analysis of antigen-specific Ab-secreting cells (ASCs) from humans, rabbits, rats, mice and other species. In therapeutic antibody development, ISAAC facilitates to produce true human antibodies from peripheral blood lymphocytes.

Detection of Single ASCs by ISAAC

The mechanism of ISAAC is based on Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpot (ELISPOT). The chip surface is coated with capture antibodies which are against Igs. Abs secreted by B cells are trapped in the wells and bound to the surface of the device around the well. The binding between capture Abs and targets is detected using fluorescently labeled secondary detection Abs. As a result, the formation of distinct fluorescent spots can be easily distinguished from nonspecific signals. The ISAAC method is useful for the early and rapid identification of ASCs in response to different antigens as well as for selection of ASCs secreting high-affinity antibodies. Then the detected antigen-specific ASCs are retrieved followed by cDNA recovering and antibodies production within a week. After that, the specificity of the antibodies can be further examined and confirmed by ELISA.

Immunospot Array Assay on a Chip (ISAAC) for Single Cell Isolation Fig.1 Detection of single ASCs by ISAAC.

Key Steps of ISAAC System

Immunospot Array Assay on a Chip (ISAAC) for Single Cell IsolationFig.2 Workflow of antibody generation by ISAAC.

Advantages of ISSAC

After years of effort, Creative Biolabs has successfully provided various antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic use. Native™ Antibody Discovery platforms facilitate to generate mAbs derived directly from the specific individuals. Scientists from Creative Biolabs are committed to developing antibodies to accelerate your scientific and clinical research. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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