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As an undisputed forerunner and innovative explorer in the field of antibody engineering and manufacture, Creative Biolabs has established a full range of professional services based on our exclusive phage display technologies. Among of them, Creative Biolabs is proud of our outstanding M13 phage library construction service which can generate high-quality libraries for our customers all over the world.

Born in 1985, phage display is a fast, reliable and convenient method to construct large peptide libraries and offers a straightforward approach to isolate and propagate unique clones with desired properties through high efficient biopanning. This technology contributes to various research, medical and industrial applications, such as antibody discovery and engineering, epitope mapping, drug development, vaccine design, and so on. In contrast to conventional hybridoma method, phage display has demonstrated its exceptional attractiveness in the field of monoclonal antibody discovery, due to the properties of easy handling, high efficiency, diverse choices of host animals and immunogenicity independency.

M13 Phage Library Construction ServiceAmong many phage vehicles currently in apply, M13 filamentous phage has always been the most popular option and extensively used in various types of research. M13 is one template bacteriophage of E. coli with a typical long rod appearance containing a single strand DNA (6407 bp) genome. The viral coat is composed of five different capsid proteins, major capsid pVIII (2700 copies) and four minor capsids (pIII and pVI at one end while pVII and pIX at the other end). Unlike T4 and T7, M13 is lysogenic phage which is assembled in the periplasm and secreted out of the bacterial membrane without causing host lysis.

M13’s multiple capsid proteins provide comprehensive display choices that can be employed to display a variety of peptides and proteins with distinctive characteristics. All five capsids have successfully exhibited foreign domain libraries, each of which makes a unique vector for different features. However, in most cases, pIII and pVIII is the preferred choices for M13 phage display.

With years of devotion and accumulation in this particular field, Creative Biolabs has been constantly developing and improving leading-edge phage display technologies while providing high-quality technical support to our worldwide clients. Based on our patent platforms and precise protocols, researchers in Creative Biolabs have successfully built up impeccable phage display libraries of diverse types (including antibody, peptide, cDNA, protein scaffold, etc.) and isolated specific clones with adequate properties. We are glad to offer these integrated services of M13 phage display libraries as well as dozens of premade antibody libraries to best facilitate our customers’ research projects.

Fig 1. The life cycle of filamentous phages. (Huang, Bishop-Hurley and Cooper 2012) Fig 1. The life cycle of filamentous phages. (Huang, Bishop-Hurley and Cooper 2012)


  1. Huang, J.X., Bishop-Hurley, S.L. and Cooper, M.A. (2012) 'Development of anti-infectives using phage display: biological agents against bacteria, viruses, and parasites', Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy, 56(9), 4569-4582.

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