Magic™ Alpaca BCR Repertoire Profiling

The smaller, more tractable and widely available alpaca is an excellent source of heavy-chain antibody (VHH). As a long-term expert in the field of immunology, Creative Biolabs offers the unparalleled mass sequencing service to analyze the B-cell receptor (BCR) repertoires. Based on our advanced Magic™ BCR repertoire analysis platform, our scientists are pleased to introduce the service of BCR repertoire profiling in alpaca to all our global customers.

The Potential Application of Alpaca Antibodies

Alpaca BCR Repertoire Profiling

Alpaca VHHs are widely known to have highly favorable properties as antigen binding agents for research and commercial applications, but the poor accessibility, large size, expense and difficult handling that characterizes the use of camels and llamas has significantly limited their general use by scientists. Alpacas are more widely available, less expensive to maintain, smaller and more tractable than camels and llamas. The use as a source of immune B cells for VHH library construction has expanded the accessibility of VHHs to both in lab research and in the biopharmaceutical field. Studies on fetal alpaca revealed that the bone marrow serves as a site for heavy-chain and conventional B-cell lymphopoiesis; however, the spleen appeared to be the most active and likely functions to support early development, expansion, and possibly, class switching of B lymphocytes. In adult alpacas, the distribution of heavy-chain Ab-producing B cells among and within secondary lymphoid tissues is similar to that of conventional B cells. In addition to conventional immunoglobulins, alpacas produce antibodies that do not incorporate light chains into their structures. This class of IgG is able to bind to antigens despite the absence of a heavy chain CH1 domain and the inability to combine with light chains. It is believed that VHH arose by the loss of a splice consensus signal in the CH1 exon of an ancestral alpaca. These VHH antibodies have incited great interest in the biomedical community, as they have considerable potential for biotechnological and therapeutic application.

Alpaca BCR Repertoire Profiling in Creative Biolabs

Equipped with world-leading technology platforms and professional scientific staff in the field of immunology, Creative Biolabs has rich experience in BCR repertoire profiling in alpaca. Our seasoned scientist can provide a comprehensive analysis of BCR repertoire in alpaca. Specific capture primers to CDRs in alpaca are used for amplification with high fidelity. PBMC or RNA from it can be good starting materials.

Key Advantages of Our Alpaca BCR Repertoire Profiling Service

In terms of the extensive experience in BCR repertoire analysis in alpaca, Creative Biolabs is proud to provide a comprehensive analysis of BCR repertoire in alpaca with the best quality and most competitive price.

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