Magic™ Canine TCR Repertoire Profiling

Powered by our advanced high-resolution Magic™ sequencing platform and experienced technical personnel, Creative Biolabs can provide high-quality service of T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire profiling in canine. Our seasoned scientists have developed a set of primers which is specific to capture TCRs in canine. We are proud to share our experience in TCR repertoire analysis in canine to help our clients’ related projects development.

The Properties of TCR in Canine

In canine, T cell receptor beta (TRB) locus consists of a library of 37 TRBV genes positioned at the 5' end of two in tandem aligned D-J-C gene clusters. Each of them is composed of a single TRBD, 6 TRBJ, and one TRBC genes, followed by a single TRBV gene with an inverted transcriptional orientation. The TRB genes are distributed in less than 300 kb, making the canine locus, one of the smaller mammalian TRB locus studied so far. Reduced gene duplication occurrences and a lower density of total interspersed repeats compared to humans and mice may result in the small size. Despite the low TRBV gene content, a large and diversified beta chain repertoire is displayed in the canine peripheral blood. A full usage of TRBV and TRBJ genes, including pseudogenes, and a high level of allelic polymorphism contribute to generating diversity. The evolutionary conservation of TCR locus in canine makes it a highly suitable model system for immune development and diseases.

Magic™ Canine TCR Repertoire Profiling

Canine TCR Repertoire Profiling in Creative Biolabs

Unbiased dissection of TCR repertoire diversity at the nucleotide level could provide important insights into canine immunity. With the latest instruments and professional staffs, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to offering first-class repertoire analysis service in a time-saving manner. Through our Magic™ TCR repertoire analysis platform, we have developed an advanced method to conduct a comprehensive TCR repertoire analysis in canine. Our scientists have performed over hundreds of TCR repertoire sequencing projects and accumulated sufficient experience.

Key Advantages of Canine TCR Repertoire Profiling Service

With years of research and development experience in the field of immunology, Creative Biolabs has owned a group of scientists who have the distinguished understanding of the adaptive immune system. Through the one-stop TCR repertoires analysis platform, our seasoned scientists can provide the best service of TCR repertoire profiling in canine at the most competitive cost.

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