Magic™ Cell-Free Membrane Protein Expression into Liposomes

Creative Biolabs now provides the high-quality custom service in cell-free membrane protein expression into liposomes for our worldwide customers.

Nowadays, large-quantity expression of membrane proteins is a high-demand field, because they constitute over 60% of therapeutic targets for commercialized drugs in world market. Like many water-soluble proteins, membrane proteins can be produced from both cell-based and cell-free expressions. However, in many cases, toxicity to host cells resulted from heterologous protein overexpression, insufficient membrane insertion, aggregation and degradation of target membrane proteins are inevitable problems that greatly impede the application of cell-based protein expression. In contrast, these problems can all be effectively handled in a cell-free protein expression system. Besides, chemically modification and incorporation of unnatural amino acids in synthesized proteins can also be performed.

At Creative Biolabs, the following innovative cell-free expression systems are available to choose.

Magic™ Cell-Free Membrane Protein Expressions into Liposomes

Unlike water-soluble proteins, most membrane proteins have to be solubilized and stabilized in an apolar, membrane-like environment soon after synthesized via cell-free expression. With a lipid bilayer structure, liposomes are one of the widely used biological membrane-mimicking formats to stabilize and carry membrane proteins. However, screening for the optimal liposome can be labor-extensive, time-consuming and costly. In order to keep the conformation, oligomeric state, native function and activity of the target proteins, only lipids with the proper length and saturation level of tails and charge at head groups can be chosen to form liposomes.

At Creative Biolabs, more than 30 bilayer-forming lipids and various lipid-bilayer additives can be applied in different studies. NO DETERGENT will be used in any step. Equipped with the efficient lipid screening platform, scientists of Creative Biolabs can find the most suitable lipids for every protein target. Besides, adequate lipid-bilayer additives (e.g. sterols) can also be used. We can test the effect of different lipid-bilayer additives on membrane protein folding, conformation, oligomerization, function and activity according to custom requests. We will also evaluate the compatibility of liposomes with every component in cell-free expression solutions to confirm that their presence will not have negative impact on the expression efficiency.

Magic™ Cell-Free Membrane Protein Expressions into Liposomes

Our customers can find the state-of-the-art technologies and knowledgeable and skillful scientists at Creative Biolabs. We will perform comprehensive biological molecular research on the target protein, work with our clients step by step to ensure the optimal experiment outcome at most cost-effective price. Besides the liposome system, we also provide services in cell-free membrane protein expressions into micelles and nanodiscs. Please feel free to inquire us for more information.


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