Magic™ Cell-Free Membrane Protein Expression into Micelles

Creative Biolabs now provides the high-quality custom service in cell-free membrane protein expression into micelles. With state-of-the-art technologies and rich experience in this field, we promise to try our best to bring our customers confidence, hope, solutions and positive results in the research, development, and application of diverse membrane proteins.

As the primary target for cell functioning and therapeutic/diagnostic agents, membrane proteins represent an attractive field to a growing number of scientists, leading to increasing research interest and demand in recent years. However, conventional cell-based protein expression has many problematic issues, like toxicity to host cells, insufficient membrane insertion, aggregation and degradation of target membrane proteins, etc. In contrary, cell-free protein expression, free from all these obstacles, manifests as a very promising alternative, which has proved optimized expression efficiency, outcome, and versatility. Of note, in this system, chemically modified and unnatural amino acids can be easily incorporated into protein products, and the purification process will also be much easier.

At Creative Biolabs, our customers can find the following innovative cell-free membrane protein expression systems:

Magic™ Cell-Free Membrane Protein Expression into Micelles

One of the key factors that determines the quality of cell-free membrane protein expression is the solubilization and stabilization medium. Due to the large hydrophobic surface, membrane proteins can only be solubilized in aqueous solutions with the aid of amphipathic molecules. In many cases, micelles formed by detergents/short-chain lipids are used to solubilize newly synthesized membrane proteins in a cell-free expression system, so that the large hydrophobic surface of membrane proteins will be stabilized and protected within micelles.

Magic™ Cell-Free Membrane Protein Expression into Micelles

Selection of the optimal reconstitution conditions can be labor-extensive, time-consuming and costly. Use of improper type or insufficient quantity of detergent/short-chain lipids may lead to misfolding, unwanted conformational change, loss of function or activity, and/or aggregation of the protein product. At Creative Biolabs, more than 100 detergents and lipids can be used individually or in combination to form micelles. Based on our powerful detergent screening platform and lipid screening platform, our experienced scientific staff can always find the most suitable choice to meet every specific custom requirement. We will also test the compatibility of the selected micelle components with the cell-free expression solutions to make sure that their presence will not have any negative impact on the expression efficiency. In addition to detergent micelles, our expertise also covers:

Working on membrane proteins is often challenging and time-consuming. Creative Biolabs is always ready to help global researchers save their valuable time through our first-class membrane protein synthesis, reconstitution, purification and characterization services. Please do not hesitate to inquire us for more information.


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All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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