Magic™ Comprehensive MicroRNA Profiling of B Cells

Profiling microRNA (miRNAs) transcriptome is more and more important with increasing evidence for the role of miRNA expression in defining cellular phenotypes. Creative Biolabs can provide high-grade service for comprehensive miRNA profiling, identification of novel miRNAs and isomiRs in B cells. Considering the increasing use of B cells for genetic and functional studies, our data can be a great resource for studying gene regulatory networks mediated by miRNAs.

The Background of miRNAs

miRNAs are small non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression at the post-transcriptional level. Active miRNAs target the 3'UTR of a mRNA based on sequence homology. Once a mRNA is targeted by a miRNA, it can be degraded. Even from the same precursor miRNA, mature miRNAs are not always producing the same sequence. Such mature variants have been termed "isomiRs". There is an increasing evidence that miRNAs are critical in a number of essential biological processes. Thus far, 1048 human miRNA sequences have been identified through cloning, sequencing, or computational analysis. However, the quantification of miRNAs has been technically difficult due to their small size, low copy number, and interference from other small RNAs. Microarrays were the prevailing methods for miRNA expression analysis. At the same time, they are limited to discover novel miRNAs and identifying the absolute miRNAs numbers. Array-based methods can’t differentiate isomiRs resulting from the high variability in miRNA processing. The increased availability and affordability of high throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) now offer an opportunity to gain a high-resolution view of miRNA expression. Recent studies have demonstrated that B cells reflect functional characteristics. Thus, B cells have been increasingly utilized for expression quantitative trait loci studies, and as a cell model to assess gene expression responses.

miRNA Biogenesis Fig.1 miRNA Biogenesis (Pritchard et al. 2012).

MicroRNA Profiling Service in Creative Biolabs

While comprehensive mRNA expression data for human B cells have been obtained by RNA sequencing, there is no such comprehensive analysis was performed to identify miRNAs expressed in B cells. Therefore, combining with our high throughput Magic™ platform, Creative Biolabs developed a cutting-edge man method to present comprehensive miRNA transcriptome profiles of B cells by miRNA sequencing. We conduct qRT-PCR analysis to validate the differential expression miRNAs by sequencing analysis on our Magic™ platform. Novel miRNAs, isomiRs, low-copy-number miRNAs and subtle fold changes could be discovered by our platform. These data could also serve as a basis for establishing gene regulatory interactions between miRNAs and their target mRNAs in human B cells.

Key Advantages of Our MicroRNA Profiling Service

With years of research and development experience in the field of immunology, scientists of Creative Biolabs could provide high-grade service of comprehensive miRNA profiling and the identification of novel miRNAs and isomiRs in B cells. We are pleased to offer the best service with the most accurate results for our global customers.

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  1. Pritchard, C.C.; et al. MicroRNA profiling: approaches and considerations. Nat Rev Genet. 2012, 18;13(5):358-69.

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