Magic™ Detergent Screening Platform

Creative Biolabs provides the powerful detergent screening platform to find the suitable detergents (detergents and short-chain lipids) or detergent mixtures for our customers' membrane proteins.

One of the most common difficulties in handling membrane proteins is the choice of detergents (detergents or short-chain lipids). Detergents play an indispensable role in the extraction and solubilization of membrane proteins and are also widely used in the reconstitution/incorporation of membrane proteins in bicelles, liposomes, and nanodiscs.

Detergents are amphipathic molecules, which aggregate to form micelles above their critical micelle concentrations (CMCs) in aqueous solutions. In micelles, the hydrophilic head groups of detergents form the surface in contact with solvent molecules while their hydrophobic tails are sequestered into the center of the micelles. With this distinct structure, micelles in aqueous solutions can protect membrane proteins from solvent molecules by surrounding their large hydrophobic surface with the hydrophobic tails of detergents to form protein-detergent complexes (i.e. protein-embedded micelles), as long as proper detergents are used. Once protected by detergents in micellar solutions, membrane proteins may be handled similarly to water-soluble proteins during purification and application in many cases, such as:

Magic™ Detergent Screening Platform

The proper detergents may differ for different membrane proteins and different application purposes. Use of improper or insufficient detergents may result in the unfolding, conformational change, loss of function or activity and/or aggregation of membrane proteins, which has greatly impeded the research, development, and application of membrane proteins. However, this has seldom been a problem for Creative Biolabs. Equipped with the powerful detergent screening platform, we can easily find the most suitable detergent or detergent mixture for each membrane protein. At Creative Biolabs, more than 100 detergents and their combinations are available for screening, which including but not limited to:

During the screening of detergents for membrane proteins, we will also test the optimal pH and salt condition. We will evaluate the folding, solubilization, oligomeric state and monodispersity of membrane proteins for each screened detergent based on the A320/A280 ratio, HPSEC profile and/or the ultracentrifugation result. Our detergent screening platform can be used separately or in any service provided by our company in which detergents will have to be used.

With the aid of this detergent screening platform at Creative Biolabs, we believe we can accelerate the progress of our customers' membrane protein projects and exert our greatest efforts to bring positive results to our customers. Please feel free to inquire us for more information.

Magic™ Detergent Screening Platform

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