Magic™ DNA Immunization Service

In terms of our extensive experience and expertise in DNA immunization and antibody production, Creative Biolabs is proud to launch the unique Magic™ DNA Immunization service for our global clients, who concentrate on developing high-quality mAbs or pAbs against in vivo expressed challenging targets.

Comparing with other existing DNA immunization strategies (e.g. gene gun and in vivo electroporation), which may suffer from low antibody titer and limited transfection efficiency, the Magic™ DNA immunization of Creative Biolabs has been improved as a fully integrated service to develop high-quality antibodies (especially for the DNA immunization-based anti-GPCR antibodies development) for the worldwide customers. This service permits the generation of either mAbs or pAbs against any natively expressed targets, and the interested target information will be the only requirement to our clients. Our seasoned scientists will take responsible to the whole processes including the optimization of the provided gene sequence, the construction and formulation of immunization plasmid, the animal immunization and the selection and validation of interested antibodies (mAbs or pAbs).

The induction of cellular and humoral immunity by DNA immunization. The optimized gene sequence of interest is synthesized and constructed in the immune plasmid and then delivered to the inoculation site. Through the host cellular machinery, the host-expressed exogenous antigens are present to APCs and then stimulate the immune system and B cell activation.Fig. 1 Induction of cellular and humoral immunity by DNA immunization. (Kutzler and Weiner 2008)

Standard Workflow of Magic™ DNA Immunization

Typical Features of Magic™ DNA Immunization

As a highly optimized service, the Magic™ DNA immunization system can take advantages of various cutting-edge techniques and advanced platforms to produce the highest quality antibodies to meet our clients’ specific requirements. Our unique formulation reagent can dramatically stimulate the immune system without cytotoxicity and also increase the plasmid transfection efficiency. Combine with the specially designed immunization plasmid, this Magic™ system has been confirmed its reliability to further increase the in vivo expression level of the gene-encoded targets.

  • High transfection efficiency
  • Stability
  • No cytotoxicity
  • High expression level
  • No risk of antigen contamination
  • Induce robust immune response

Novel Antibody Discovery via Magic™ DNA Immunization

Compared with conventional immunization methods, Magic™ DNA immunization service can be a better choice to develop mAbs or pAbs against challenging targets. Especially for those special research purposes, which aim to discover novel antibodies recognize the native structures of antigens with high specificity and affinity. Unlike other similar service providers who can only produce polyclonal antibodies or hybridoma-based monoclonal antibodies, Creative Biolabs, as an industry leader in this field, can provide our customers the most comprehensive antibody discovery services to meet any specific requirements. Our scientists have extensive experience to develop mAbs through phage display, B-cell sorting or hybridoma technologies, and are also skilled in pAbs production. In addition, a broad range of host species is available for choice at Creative Biolabs, which can satisfy even the unique research goals of our clients all over the world. Currently, the species available for immunization including but not limited to monkey (NHP), mouse, rat, hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, chicken, camel, shark, bovine, dog, goat, sheep, ferret, and alligator.

Comprehensive Antibody Production Platforms of Creative Biolabs

With years of research and development experience, Creative Biolabs has developed the unique Magic™ system to improve our DNA immunization service further. Through this novel Magic™ DNA immunization system, our scientists have developed over hundred antibodies to recognize various antigens, which involving member proteins (such as GPCR and ion channel), intracellular proteins (e.g. bacterial β-Galactosidase), secreted proteins (i.e. pituitary hormone), and others. As a well-recognized service provider in the field of antibody discovery and production, Creative Biolabs is pleased to offer our global clients the high-efficiency service with the most competitive price to facilitate their valuable research.


  1. Kutzler, M. A. and Weiner, D. B. (2008) 'DNA vaccines: ready for prime time?', Nature Reviews Genetics, 9(10), 776-788.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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