Magic™ Human Antibody Production through Hybridoma Technology

Creative Biolabs is constantly focusing on discovery and development of impeccable therapeutic antibodies for our global customers. We now provide professional service of human antibody production using transgenic mice/rats by hybridoma technique.

Human Antibody Production through Hybridoma Technology

Transgenic mice derived from genetically engineered mouse embryonic cell lines with heterologously introduced human Ig transloci and silenced endogenous mouse Ig genes (designed zinc finger nuclease). Therefore, the resulting mice can produce fully human antibodies once challenged with antigens. Mouse constant regions will mostly remain the same to allow for efficient B cell maturation. This technology has long been considered a promising solution for human antibody development, gaining increasing attention during recent years. In comparison with alternative approaches like humanization, premade antibody screening, transgenic mice have several attractive features:

Creative Biolabs has established a well-recognized Magic™ humanized mice/rats platform that integrates multiple best-class transgenic mice/rats resources around the world. Incorporated with our powerful antibody development techniques, we have three ways to harvest high specific, high-affinity antibody candidates from immunized transgenic animals: hybridomas, phage display immune library screening, and plasma cell sorting. Of these three methods, hybridomas represent the most classic approach. With the help of our Omni-Hybridoma™ Platform, scientists in Creative Biolabs are confident in isolating high-quality monoclonal antibodies within only 70 days. Immunogens can be prepared in various formats using our proprietary Magic™ adjuvant. This way, strong and potent immune responses can be guaranteed, which is the key to success. Of note, we can generate both mouse and rat hybridomas. Generally, to use mouse/rat from different background simultaneously can greatly facilitate the chance to find the best antibody clone, as the immune reactions may vary in different species.

As alternatives, Creative Biolabs also offers transgenic phage display immune library technology and Native plasma cell sorting strategies, which have proved highly efficient and reliable in antibody generation as well. In addition to conventional VH-VL antibodies, human sdAbs can also be derived from one specialty mouse strain. Our seasoned research staffs are always willing to discuss with our clients on “case-to-case” basis, and tailor custom-oriented project plan to satisfy every specific demand. Please feel free to inquiry us for more details.

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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