Magic™ Membrane Protein Characterization by Cryo-EM Studies

Creative Biolabs provides the professional custom service of membrane protein structure determination using electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM).

Membrane protein structure determination at atomic resolution has always posed a big challenge in the development of membrane protein-related antibody and small-molecule drugs where high-resolution structural information of target is needed. This is evidenced by the fact that membrane proteins currently compose over 50% of all drug targets in the world market, but only a small number of their atomic models are available so far. X-ray crystallography and solution-state NMR have been applied to address this issue in the past few decades. However, difficulties in specimen preparation for these two methods have largely hindered their applications.

For X-ray crystallography

For solution-state NMR

All above problems can be perfectly avoided or solved by using cryo-EM. This is a novel type of transmission electron microscopy where samples are studied at cryogenic temperatures. In addition, for membrane proteins that can be studied via X-ray crystallography and solution-state NMR, cryo-EM can provide a further complement that helps to improve the understanding of membrane protein functions, especially in a large complex. Therefore, cryo-EM is gaining increasing popularity in membrane protein structure determination at atomic resolution. Creative Biolabs now offers one-stop cryo-EM service for our clients, including:

Magic™ Membrane Protein Characterization by Cryo-EM Studies

At Creative Biolabs, membrane protein samples prepared in the forms of 2D crystals and single particles can be used in such studies.

2D crystals
  • Membrane proteins incorporated in liposomes
  • 2D crystals in native membranes (e.g. bacteriorhodopsin)
Single particles
  • Membrane proteins incorporated in micelles
  • Membrane proteins incorporated in nanodiscs
  • Membrane proteins incorporated in amphipols

In order to find the best solubilizing and stabilizing material that mimics the native environment while not affecting the acquisition of high-quality cryo-EM data, we can perform comprehensive condition screenings based on our detergent screening platform and lipid screening platform.

With this state-of-the-art technique as well as well-trained scientific staff, Creative Biolabs always strives for delivering the most reliable and satisfactory results to our clients. We sincerely welcome global researchers to inquire and discuss their valuable projects with us, and we are happy to help clients with diverse difficulties and challenges. Please do not hesitate to inquire us for more information.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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