Magic™ Membrane Protein Characterization by High-Throughput SPR and BLI Studies

Creative Biolabs now provides the professional custom services in high-throughput surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and bio-layer interferometry (BLI) studies of membrane proteins.

SPR and BLI are commonly used label-free technologies to measure the thermodynamics and kinetics of protein-antibody, protein-ligand, protein-DNA and protein-drug interactions. As a significant component of cell membranes, membrane proteins play vital roles in the signal transduction, transportation of small molecules and ions across plasma membranes, enzymatic catalysis and cell-cell interactions. Therefore, measuring the thermodynamics and kinetics of membrane protein binding with antibodies, ligands, DNAs, and drugs in their native or native-like environments can be a powerful and efficient approach for drug discoveries and membrane protein engineering.

Equipped with state-of-the-art Biacore, Octet and ProteOn instruments at Creative Biolabs, we can perform high-throughput screening of binders for immobilized membrane proteins. Our scientists have decades of experience and abundant knowledge in SPR and BLI experimental design, instrument operation, data analysis and interpretation. We are confident in providing our customers with high-quality data (e.g. ka, kd and KD) to facilitate their valuable research, development and application of membrane proteins.

SPR and BLI studies of immobilized membrane proteins on sensor chips require the introduction of lipid bilayers or amphipols where membrane proteins can be incorporated and stabilized. At Creative Biolabs, SPR studies can be performed via the immobilization of

BLI studies can be performed via the immobilization of

Magic™ Membrane Protein Characterization by High-Throughput SPR and BLI Studies

Since the type of lipids forming the bilayer systems can greatly affect the stability, conformation, oligomerization state, function, activity and signal sensitivity in SPR/BLI studies, we can use our unique lipid screening platform to find out the best condition for each membrane protein target if artificial lipid bilayers need to be constructed.

Although SPR and BLI technologies have been widely used, it is never easy to obtain reliable, reproducible and interpretable data. Creative Biolabs is happy to explore the world of SPR and BLI studies on membrane proteins, and take any kind of pioneering, tough or laborious jobs for our customers. Please feel free to inquire us for more information.


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